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  1. Rice Owls at the So. Miss Golden Eagles
  2. A Thinning Stable
  3. Mountainier Fans
  4. Utah At Louisville
  7. Wisconsin is going down
  8. TE from Toledo, OH floating SC Offense
  9. Pictures from the Michigan game 10/6/07
  10. Florida walk-on killed in motorcycle crash
  11. Kentucky Wins!!!!!!!!!!
  12. BCS Rankings
  13. Irish to start Sharpley at QB vs. USC
  14. Rutgers vs USF
  15. Scout.com Heisman Favorites
  16. Oregon beats USC
  17. Ducks v. Devils -
  18. Navy-ND
  19. ALA/LSU - FSU/BC-
  20. THE Ohio State Buckeyes
  21. The Greatest Rivalry in College Football
  22. MAC Sleeper watch
  23. Big Ten Haters Read Up
  24. Ohio State v. Michigan
  25. Arizona -Oregon
  26. Oklahoma goes DOWN.
  27. So long, Lloyd Carr
  28. BCS picture as it now stands
  29. USC vs. asu
  30. Rivals Top Rivalries
  31. Arkansas vs LSU
  32. Callahan is canned (corn)
  33. Let's Goooooooooooo, Mountaineers!!!!!
  34. ike taylors collegiate stats
  35. Joe Pa's Pay
  36. 2007 College Football Finale Thread
  37. Buckeyes back into 'quarterfinals'
  38. Hope you don't mind....
  40. Huskers hire Pelini
  41. Bowl Predictions
  42. Congrats, Tim Tebow
  43. Pitt Panthers get a flood of verbals!
  44. There is a rumor about Les Miles
  45. Rich Rodriguez
  46. There is no honor in college coaching
  47. J. Stewart and the unlucky Ducks
  48. Today's Big Games
  49. Big Ten coming up big so far.
  50. Good season Hawaii.
  51. The spread offense has leveled the playing field.
  52. Ron English to Louisville
  53. Bill Stewart named WVU head coach.
  54. Good Luck Ohio State Buckeyes!
  55. June Jones... another classless coach...
  56. Good Luck LSU Tigers!!!
  57. Caption Contest
  58. Buckeye fan
  59. Mallett leaving Michigan
  60. McFadden put in cuffs after 'rowdy' bar scene
  61. Terrelle Pryor taking Charlie Batch on recruiting trips.
  62. Rivals latest Top 100 and Commits
  63. 2008 Penn State Football Thread
  65. Terrelle Pryor going to Ohio state
  66. Julio Jones to Alabama -
  67. 3 WVU players charged with drug offenses
  68. Saban on off-field issues: 'It's a problem'
  70. A Glimpse of the Future: Michigan Stadium, Fall 2008
  71. Way To Go, Clemson!
  72. Central Florida player dies during conditioning drills
  73. WTF is going on in Ann Arbor?
  74. Last season for Joe Pa?
  75. Florida Spring Game
  76. Desire to coach still drives 81-year-old Paterno
  77. Ex-West Virginia fundraiser jabs Rodriguez
  78. Boren disliked Rodriguez, transferring to Columbus
  79. Just watched the Buckeye's Spring Game...
  80. Division I Scholarship Sanctions
  81. Awesome Early Season Matchup!!!!
  82. Paterno backs college playoff system, calls excuses for absence 'bogus'
  83. Walter Mendenhall leaves Illinois for Illinois State
  84. Notre Dame, NBC agree to five-year deal through 2015
  85. Good Early Season Game Part II
  86. Rich Rodriguez was "very distraught" in private meeting the night before he resigned
  87. Ga. Tech CB Tarrant charged with rape, suspended
  88. IOU for WVU: Rodriguez agrees to pay $4M
  89. The SEC
  90. Lets go Pitt Football!
  91. NCAA vs. NFL
  92. ESPN - Most hated NCAA programs
  93. The Coaches Poll
  94. Forbes List of Top College Programs
  95. Tickets for Pitt panthers game
  96. Thank you Utah.
  97. Attention: Michigan and PSU Fans
  98. Cavalier beginning
  99. Paterno suspends players for Saturday's game vs. Oregon State
  100. A Fierce Ohio
  101. Let's go ECU
  102. Ohio State -vs- USC
  103. Best place to park at Beaver?
  104. Rutgers
  105. Sooner or later
  106. Picking up the pieces...
  107. Charlie Weis just another cheater
  108. The College Football Choke Thread...
  109. Official cheer for things that muck up the BCS thread.
  110. Upset weekend
  111. the New Top 25
  112. OSU v Wiscy thread
  113. Some Love for the MAC...
  114. Stupid Fresno Kicker!!
  115. Toledo13 Michigan 10
  116. Bostic or Stull?
  117. Big Ten Showdowns
  118. Trevor Wikre sacrifices finger to keep playing football
  119. Nittany Lions, Come Out And Play!
  120. Referee takes down QB
  121. Go Gamec0cks!
  122. The Home Stretch...
  123. GO NAVY!!!
  124. Beanie's Leap...
  125. James Laurinaitis Back-to-Back Butkus
  126. Texas Tech. vs Oklahoma...
  127. Michigan v. OSU
  128. River City Rivalry
  129. Backyard Brawl rollcall
  130. THE BOWLS
  131. BCS Declares Germany the winner of WWII
  132. Bowl Picks -
  133. soph most likely to declare for draft?
  134. Going to the Rose Bowl
  135. Sam Bradford wins Heisman
  136. DeMarco Murray OUT
  137. JoePa...Lion 'til death
  138. Goin to see PITT at the Sun bowl
  139. Congrats Utah----National Champs
  141. Thoughts on the OSU/UT Game
  142. GO GATORS!!!
  143. Chokelahoma strikes again.
  144. Look out Erin Andrews
  145. Signing Day -
  146. Lane Kiffin Gaffe
  147. UNC Tar-Heel Football Coming To Life
  148. UNC Tar-Heels Football Schedule '09
  149. Penn State Football Thread
  150. March Madness - SF bracketology
  151. Buckeyes Roll Out New Offense Centered On Pryor...
  152. Ain't no football fans like BUCKEYE football fans!
  153. IFAF Junior World Cup
  154. Ohio State Football Thread
  155. Spread offense been around for decades.
  156. After 68 years...a new stadium for my Zips!
  157. Guess what conference.....
  158. Can You Imagine How Bad The Wolverines Would Have Sucked If They DIDN'T Cheat?
  159. USC v OSU Mark II
  160. Big College Game Thread....
  161. Did you just see that?????
  162. Akron at Penn State
  163. Any UH Warriors fan here ?
  164. USC sucks! Lost to Wash?
  165. what a block
  166. how to watch the Michigan Wolverines games live streaming online?
  167. Hitler defends Pete Carroll
  168. Boise State BCS Thread...
  169. Wetzel: The Path of Least Resistance Makes Most Sense for BCS
  170. NCAA tells U-M it believes major violations might have occurred
  171. Go Navy...
  172. Anyone else find themselves rooting for Iowa?
  173. U-M audit: Football team failed to report player activities
  174. Awfully strange moment in a football game...
  175. ROLL TIDE!
  176. Heisman?
  177. Chicken @#$% BCS
  178. Bowl Game Pick 'Em
  179. U.S. legislators challenge BCS
  180. NCAA Football
  181. College football’s most valuable teams
  182. Bowl Game Thread
  183. Meyer to coach final game at Sugar Bowl
  184. Go Broncos! Stomp them Texas Christians
  185. Iowa Hawkeye Steelers
  186. Texas vs Alabama Thread
  187. Virginia Tech Football Thread
  188. Lane Kiffin to USC
  189. Mess in Oregon right now
  191. Pitt fans, how do you feel about possibly joining the Big Ten?
  192. Oregon QB Masoli suspended
  193. What is the most popular NCAA team in Pittsburgh?
  194. NCAA Approves 35 Bowls Over Next 4 Years
  195. Station Square Tailgating
  196. PSU recruiting spotlight: Rob Burns has size, athleticism
  197. Mark Ingram to miss Bama's opener
  198. Nike Pro Combat Uni's
  199. Masoli/Ole Miss win appe
  200. Go Broncos!!!
  201. Pitt
  202. Nick Fairley & The BCS
  203. Oh Man, Poor Penn State!!
  204. LOVE seeing Bama Roll on Auburn!!
  205. Terrelle Pryor, 5 other Ohio State football players suspended
  206. PITT fires brand new HC
  207. Nothing About Jim Tressell?????
  208. Baylor vs TCU
  209. Pitt/Syracuse to ACC!
  210. Penn State planning coach Paterno's exit
  211. Lee Corso is Awesome
  212. Joe Paterno Reportedly on Suicide Watch
  213. 2011/2012 Bowl Season -
  214. Anyone watching PennState getting clobbered?
  215. NE possible to coach Penn St
  216. Roll Tide! Bama wins 14
  217. **BREAKING NEWS!** Joe Paterno dies.
  218. 2010 Ohio "Mr. Football" dismissed from Cincinatti
  219. Come 2014, BCS is dead.
  220. ND recruiting at super max
  221. 736 yards
  222. Explain this halftime score
  223. SC kills GA
  224. Bowl game Texas vs Oregon st
  225. Big 10 sucks, SEC rules
  226. Best online shop for sports gear!
  227. Welcome to Big Boy Football
  228. BCS Title Game
  229. Teo
  230. East-West Shrine Game
  231. From national championship to jail for 4 Alabama football players
  232. Heisman Winner Manziel Blasts Ohio State on Twitter
  233. ND QB, Golson suspended for fall.
  234. Carolina means South
  235. Vandy vs Ole Miss - why the SEC is the best of the best
  236. Johnny Punk
  237. Georgia/Clemson
  238. FSU vs Pitt tonight
  239. South Carolina/Georgia
  240. Johnny Manziel
  241. BREAKING BREAKING: NCAA modifies sanctions against Penn State, will restore scholarships Read
  242. Iowa defeats Nebraska Nov. 29th 2013
  243. Sooners defeat the tide
  244. What players will you be watching tonight in the championship game ?
  245. Football Players are now employees
  246. Northwestern Football Players Vote on Unionization
  247. Winston and the seafood caper
  248. Who is the next great NFL QB still in college?
  249. College Player Watchlist
  250. USC cornerback suffers sprained ankles saving nephew from drowning