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  1. I will use my 1,000 post for a good cause...
  2. I did have a feeling that jerk, Walker spit
  3. (For Ravens Fans) Smack Countdown Clock
  4. Is it just me...
  5. I love this pic!
  6. disneys ray of light
  7. how a brown fan feels
  8. Ban Tony for the "Divine Thread"
  9. Flacco... Not so cool off the field
  10. i know its ravens week, but they used to be the browns and this video made me vomit
  11. Welcome Raven Fans!
  12. Here's to
  13. Lucky Number 3
  14. Is it just me???
  15. Is it just me???
  16. Greetings... Cardinal Fans(?)
  17. My take...
  18. HA-larious Warner's Wife
  19. Whats up with the talk of the whiz bringing the cardinals their toughness?
  20. Its like a morgue up in here
  21. I'm red hot
  22. Cardinals?? Makes NO sense.
  23. Good luck Steelers in Super Bowl XL III...I
  24. OMG Larry Fitzgerald Dyes Hair for Super Bowl
  25. Steelers Fans Must View.
  26. The Truth
  27. Classless Ratbirds fans!!!
  28. Cardinals Develop new towel to compete with steelers terrible towel.
  29. delusional Cardinal fan
  30. Cardinal fans repeat French Revolution
  31. for the cards secondary
  32. Ringless
  33. obama nut hugging
  34. Why? Some Eagle fans are idiots...
  35. Cardinals fans/Steelers haters..
  36. Marshall Faulk is Warners biatch!
  37. Problems in brown town
  38. A Special Salute.....
  39. How Many Cardinal SB Wins are Legit?
  40. Cleveland Sucks!
  41. I just thought of this
  42. Official Tom Brady sucks thread
  43. look alikes
  44. Almost that annual time of year
  45. Patriots top 5 selling jerseys of all time
  46. Kurt Warner? What a douche...
  47. Jokes about Cleveland and/or Brownies
  48. Who do you hate the most?
  49. Silly Clowns fans!
  50. Baltimore's Legend Tim Lumber is here!
  51. Mike Vick, doing your drywall work.
  52. Seahawks still crying
  53. So, Remember those tapes that the Pats were allowed to destroy?
  54. Ode to Tim Lumber
  55. Cleveland Browns 2009 Schedule: At least the pain should be over most Sundays by 4 p.
  56. Great Quote from Houshmandzadeh
  57. 1 of the NE Cheatriots final shameless stunts
  58. An Interview with the “Forums Terrorist” Tim Lumber
  59. Challenge to Slim Q Cumber
  60. Cleveland tourism videos
  61. Ochocinco: Me And Carson Are Like “Brokeback Mountain
  62. Tom Brady falls out of kayak, has to be 'rescued'
  63. tattoo fail
  64. Pittsburgh, PA; Everything Baltimore and Washington Would Love to Be
  65. Slim Q Cumber (The Mighty Slim)
  66. He's not coming back, but we deserve to see the avatar
  67. What If: The Retarded Version
  68. Bid On Slim's New Avatar
  69. Browns to install new paper dispensers
  70. for the Ohio haters
  71. Tim Lumber Speaks Out!!
  72. Do You Hate the Cleveland Browns?
  73. Andrea McNulty Looks Like...
  74. Oh Ben, you sly dog, you...
  75. What Do Ben and Kobe Have In Common?
  76. Still wondering why the Bengals suck?
  77. The REAL Cincinnati Bangles
  78. Caption Needed
  79. Ocho Cinco talking smack....
  80. some laughter at my own expense
  81. QB competition in cleveland
  82. Browns Fan Fiasco
  84. My 2009 nfl truths.
  85. Orton Hears a Boo
  86. Tom Brady Injured!!!!
  87. This guy REALLY HATES Tom Broad-y.
  88. Shady Brady.......................
  89. Dismember the Titans.
  90. Titans Looks Like?
  91. Ack!!!
  92. Bengals mascot renamed......
  93. hello squeeler fans
  94. College or Pro
  95. Why Your Team Sucks: Pittsburgh Steelers
  96. Tonight , the Test for the season
  97. Told you i would be back
  98. A Rant on Football
  99. Did any of you SFs catch this?
  100. Attention: Steel Welch
  101. Ravens-Ray the Knife a Dirty Player
  102. Kanye West interrupts Obama
  103. where are the bear fans
  104. Intervention Needed ?!!? You be the judge
  105. Official **** *** Jerry Jones thread.
  106. We are Really 3-1, so let's simmah down, now, ya here?
  107. jerry jones
  108. WHO DEY !!!!
  109. Bengals celebrate big victory with song
  110. Cavs get first win first.
  111. Idiot savants out in force
  112. Tomlin is a poor excuse for a coach?
  113. Mangini & the Browns
  114. Tim Lumber returns!!
  115. The Bengals are who we thought they were...
  116. official tony siragusa hate thread
  117. Another hate thread: The Official I hate FOX NFL announcers thread
  118. Golden Boy...
  119. Browns Fan
  120. The SF Museum: The Tim Lumber Collection
  121. Quote from a Browns Fan....
  122. Official Brian Billick Hate Thread
  123. the official ron jaworski hate thread
  124. Bengals got NOTHIN!
  125. Are we really like that?
  126. BUNGALS LOOK LIKE......
  127. Good Luck!
  128. Email my husband got at work today from a coworker
  129. Bengal fans "tail"gate party favors for sunday....
  130. Chad Johnson fined, HUGE!
  131. Rivers out vs. Steelers.
  132. The squirrel in Chad Johnsons head...
  133. Three things I know for sure...
  134. Anybody else hear the Bengals fan on Serius radio this afternoon?
  135. The taint of the Patriots.
  136. Good Game
  137. That's what you get you stupid b*stard
  138. Did ex-Patriots rough up high school kids?
  139. WOW.... Did that really happen?
  141. Ratbirds..?
  142. Ward Trashes Big Ben
  143. NFL Least Valuable Player Award
  144. Can't call Ravens ratbirds anymore
  145. Heinz Field
  146. The Bengals have become the Steelers!
  147. Ray Rice
  148. Another Cinci Team Crushes Pitt Team!
  149. 4th Qtr Meltdown
  150. lol...
  151. Tomlin Stars in new Coors Light Ad
  152. Why is Carson Palmer not a bust yet
  153. What the????
  154. congrats to the browns
  155. I would rather ______________ than be a Ratbirds fan!
  156. Message to Tiger.
  157. what makes you hate tom brady
  158. Patriots! Team of the decade baby!!!
  159. What is it with Pennsylvania teams winning championships recently?
  160. Look What I Found!!!!
  161. Great Finish
  162. serious question
  163. Pats throw game against Texans?....
  164. What a Joke
  165. Dol-phans and their silly celebrations (and other oddities in Miami)
  166. Hate with Passion or Hate with Respect at ratbirds
  167. Steelers vs. Bengals Wildcard Gameday Thread 1-09-10
  168. GONE AFTER 6 DAYS !!!
  169. ONE AND DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  170. True Colors!
  171. The Most Stupid Blogger Ever:Why Your Team Sucks: Pittsburgh Steelers
  172. A typical Cincinnati Twitter Fan
  173. Does it make you mad that
  174. Bengals at it again
  175. Top 5 Most Hated Teams
  176. Ratbirds - Got what they deserved
  177. Playoffs Viewer Ratings
  178. Nate Kaeding attempts suicide *SARCASM*
  179. Is Jerry Jones a Rat?
  180. Bengals safety in my sales class
  181. Well....Talk About Rude!
  182. Who's the Most Hated Team in the AFCN
  183. If u can "be" with someone & get a pass from your spouse,bf or gf , who would it be ?
  184. Baltimore Ravens to unveil new Team Logo
  185. Roger Goodell: Corporate Fool or True Football Fan
  186. Sour grapes...AGAIN!
  187. Im not the only one that hates the ratbirds
  188. Raheem Brock already moaning
  189. Burning the Terrible Towel
  190. Thru 42, Bengals better than Steelers!!!
  191. Antonio Cromartie Jokes LOL
  192. To the Fireman!
  193. Arab Ambassador calls for divorce
  194. Yo, Bring Back Tim Lumber.....or Get Hurt!
  195. Cleveland Tops list as Most Miserable City
  196. To CryHawk Fans
  197. It has been 5168 days since the Cowboys last won a Super Bowl
  198. The reason NFL players go bankrupt...
  199. Carson Palmer is...?
  200. Philip Rivers is really better than Ben?
  201. The player you hated most about the Ravens (excluding Ray Lewis)
  202. The worst punter in the history of the steelers?
  203. To all Stinkadelphia Eagles Fans:
  204. So Now that JaMarcus is Pretty Much Done...
  205. The Browns will win the Superbowl....
  206. Ray Lewis.......
  207. What saying do you hate the most
  208. Ray Lewis
  211. 8 wins? your kidding me?
  212. Holy Freakin Crap!
  213. Back n Silver? more a like black eye
  214. A Stoooopid Pat's Fan Supervisor I Work For...
  215. hey pete
  216. Dallas Cowboys -- Super Bowl winners?
  217. This used to be a good site.........................
  218. How soon do you need to know?
  219. You all heard of Wheaties right ?....Now comes " Dummies "!!
  220. Batman and Robin....
  221. Greetings from Tampa Bay
  222. We our lucky to be steeler fans.
  223. NO Steelers again on TV for 3 weeks in a row :(
  224. Ratbirds week
  225. I Hate the Ratbirds so much........
  226. Ravens suck Go steelers
  227. Let the TO Meltdown Begin
  229. All this Harrison talk, everyone is ignoring the obvious...
  230. Patriots*** Hate Week
  231. Hi...I'm a toolbag!
  232. Raider Nation Owns Heinze Field
  233. Raiders fans and players should be embarrassed.
  234. Gotta love Seymour (and Karma too) <3
  235. What's dumber than Tommy Maddox in a Steeler's uniform?
  236. What Jets fans are saying about playing in Pittsburgh!
  237. "Blitz the quarterback!"
  238. MasterOfPuppets
  239. Greetings
  240. Bengals Announce New Logo
  241. Crap, now we gotta deal with bobby jr again...
  242. Steeley McBob owns Ray Lewis
  243. *****WARNING***** for this weekend!
  244. Tosh.0 Rapist Trap Skit Clowns On Ben Roethlisberger
  245. **LOL**
  246. Hi guys, bow before the almighty patriots
  247. Absolutly No doubt
  248. For the ravens fans ***LOL****
  249. Bobby Jr where u at
  250. Why Ben sucks and we need to draft Cam Newton