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  1. Pigs, Hogs, & Swine Outraged!
  2. Embarrassed as a Steeler fan.....
  3. Death Magnetic received today!
  4. Let Us Never Forget . . . .
  5. Seriously, I may not even vote in the Presidential Election
  6. Check Charity before you give.
  7. Jags Pre-Game Coin Toss
  8. Russia criticizes US official for Texas bar talk
  9. Cursing at Work
  10. Dealing with a Wireless company
  11. Why are you up on a Sunday Morning?
  12. Richard Wright, founding member of Pink Floyd, dies at 65
  13. My game tickets are on the way!
  14. Still Here
  15. Fall TV Schedule...
  16. My extemporaneous and off-the-cuff take on Death Magnetic:
  17. McCain invented the BlackBerry???
  18. Something to look at: A link to Ike pictures in Houston, Galveston
  19. Its just one of those mornings
  20. Things that bother me....revisited.
  21. Sarah Palin's Yahoo! account hacked
  22. For The Undecided Voters...
  23. Latest Steelers McFarlanes...
  24. Concert Tour Dates Thread
  25. Bill would ban teen drivers from cell phone use
  26. Finishing my basement...suggestions?
  27. To the mods....
  28. Big White Elephant in the room...
  29. NFL Network's Lindsay Soto
  30. SF questions
  31. The bailout... Huh?
  32. George Will's column 9/23
  33. Transformers II props photos
  34. LOL, Bob Lutz (GM VP) On Colbert; muy funny!
  35. Conservative Gregg Easterbrook takes Both Dems and Reps to task for crisis
  36. The 65 mpg Ford the U.S. Can't Have
  37. 'Boring,' Hillary Clinton Shouts From Senate Seat
  38. Let's play WALL STREET BAILOUT!
  39. Colorful old football phrases?
  40. McCain Camp: Is this true?
  41. McCain wants to suspend Fridays debates
  42. Getting To Know You!
  43. 32 Songs for 32 Teams
  44. Post Gazette
  45. My king scorpion tried to attack me
  46. Breast Cancer Awareness at Spreadshirt!
  47. Interesting Takes on the Relevancy of McCain's POW Experience
  48. Banking, bailouts and idiot homeowners
  49. Joe Biden cries at campaign stop in PA
  50. Gameday Thread: Obama vs McCain
  51. My JRT did NOT try to attack me today...
  52. Hats off to McCain and Obama...
  53. RIP Paul Newman
  54. Sarah Palin should "bow out"
  55. Obama using law enforcement to stifle free speech according to some.
  56. David Brooks Shoots and Scores On McCain
  57. Report: 60 Million People You'd Never Talk To Voting For Other Guy
  58. Obama's Isle
  59. No Power
  60. Stock Market Posts Record Point Loss: What do YOU think?
  61. On this day:
  62. Let's end all of it now....if the election were today...
  63. September Madness!
  64. McCain finally loses it and proves he's senile
  65. Throw ALL the bums out!!! Enough is Enough
  66. Weapons lovers; this "for sale" effin' ROCKS!
  67. non-political gaffe at the White House
  68. I have a golf question....
  69. Is this what we have to look forward to in the VP debate?
  70. The Red State Update
  71. Friedman on the bailout and fiscal crisis...
  72. Gameday Thread: Palin vs. Biden. Let's Get It On!
  73. And, In the Name of Equal Time, George Will's Take...
  74. Here's a game for everyone to play during the debate...
  75. A very sad day.
  76. Fox news... "No Spin"?
  77. Obama runs "constructive criticism" attack ad on McCain
  78. Liberal media bias is real
  79. Drinking The Kool Aid
  80. Bill O'Reilly VS. Barney Frank
  81. "Prosperity Gospel" and foreclosures?
  82. Funniest Banned Names!
  83. Eagles Hell Freezes Over Concert
  84. Religulous
  85. Verdict reached in Simpson trial
  86. Dan Rooney's book
  87. Who am I?
  88. Palin rumors debunked....
  89. Obama/Biden Lowering Mortgage Principal?
  90. Age and the Presidential race
  91. Fox won't work for me
  92. Step 2 in Obama Race Card...
  93. Gonna toot my own horn; today's fundraiser
  94. McCain, Obama, or PELOSI for president?
  95. Where to buy your Steeler Jersey
  96. Ugh... water main break, RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE.
  97. CBS Poll: Presidential Race Tightens
  98. Who you callin' a Maverick?
  99. Light Bulbs
  100. Gameday Thread: McCain vs Obama II
  101. Great test of how smart we are as US citizens
  102. Republican attack strategy empowering the crazies?
  103. AIG Celebrate Bailout
  104. Who here actually contacts their congressmen/women
  105. This is what needs to happen to all the CEO's that knew what was coming!
  106. Dan Gilberts plan.
  107. Serious Questions for the Guys on the left...
  108. Serious Questions for the guys on the right.
  109. George Will Slams McCain Again
  110. Obama tried to sway Iraqis on Bush deal
  111. Calvin and Hobbes illustrate the American Economy
  112. Mother's Cookies Closes.
  113. National Review's Christopher Buckley comes over to Obama
  114. Palin violated state ethics laws and abused her power
  115. At least one candidate was worried.
  116. Non-Partisan political question... yes it can happen.
  117. Jackie Mason video
  118. Palling around with... secessionists?
  119. Democrats & Republicans
  120. Something at the office this morning
  121. Not everything is gloom and doom due to the economic downturn
  122. Obama's Associations Revisited...
  123. What's up with ACORN and Obama?
  124. Setting the record straight...
  126. Do you play online poker?
  127. Bookworm
  128. Hitchens on the embarrassing GOP Ticket
  129. Easterbrook on the economy: long, level-headed, worthy
  130. Rats deserting the sinking ship
  131. Obama draws line in sand- McCain to take the bait?
  132. Did he just say what I thought he said!
  133. When Politics gets TRULY ugly...
  134. Nancy Reagan Hospitalized
  135. Sciencedebate 2008
  136. Napa County democrats are nuts.
  137. Joe the plumber
  138. Berg VS Obama et al
  139. Brilliant!
  140. Philly Fans will BOO this...
  141. Our Tax System & Beer
  142. I am bored...
  143. Funny Candidates
  144. Warren Buffet "stocking" up
  145. What movie should we see SATURDAY NIGHT (10/18/08)?
  146. Eff Fox Sports!
  147. Endorsements
  148. General Curiosity Thread...
  149. left wing "crazies"
  150. Gotta be "fair"
  151. Spread The Stupidity
  152. 545 people By Charlie Reese
  153. This just in....
  154. Car crash kills Pennsylvania state senator
  155. This is what I'm talking about...
  156. What Powell's Endorsement Really Means...
  157. Abominable Snowman Exists!
  158. More McCain camp "strategy"???
  159. Biden: Obama Will Fumble First Crisis
  160. Cat Bowling... for those who hate cats!!
  161. Palin??
  162. Obama going against the constitution....not a US citizen
  163. Really Well Written Piece That Sums Up McCain's Challenges...
  164. Unequivocably, The Financial Meltdown was a Bipartisan Effort...
  165. Attention: Creative People
  166. Shooting at Western Kentucky University
  167. Interesting Poll Results...
  168. Motivation and Sacrifice...........
  169. Al Queda Officially Supports McCain
  170. thank you steelwall....
  171. Is Obama A Socialist?
  172. Who do you trust the least
  173. America ripe for communism?
  174. Another last ditch Obama scandal!
  175. Obama may just get elected....
  176. What is important to you?
  177. just finished...
  178. Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party
  179. Teen MVA's
  180. McCain backer fabricated attack
  181. Todd Palin:TRULY UNPATRIOTIC!
  182. Oh crap, McCain is screwed!
  183. McCain needs a nap
  184. When do we get the $1.99 gas?
  185. Has anyone here actually voted early?
  186. Biden Doesnt like tough questions,Obama camp cancels interviews with local TV station
  187. taxcutsfacts.org
  188. U.S. launches a raid into Syria
  189. If there weren't enough reasons to vote McCain
  190. Krauth on Why he's voting for McCain...
  191. Rally Count
  192. Anyone watch "Hannitys America: Ten Reasons Not To Vote Obama"
  193. Hitchens give Pittsburgh a shoutout while slamming Palin
  194. Obama - What has he done?
  195. A Reminder....
  196. The Candidates Voting Records Online!!
  197. Voted Last Night
  199. How Many of You Are in the U.S.?
  200. RNC to drop "11th hour bomb" on Obama????
  201. If it was Obama, would it be a hate crime?
  202. Miami Dolphins Owner: Sale of Team Should Happen Before Obama Presidency
  203. 'Obama Wins!,' newspaper declares
  204. It's Snowing In Da Burgh!
  205. Conservatives plan secret post-election strategy session
  206. Don't bogart that joint!
  207. The “mods” are going to ban me for life…
  208. Just Voted....
  209. Halloween Costumes
  210. tale of the shocking sign
  211. Palin’s clothing spree includes $84,000 worth of Chad Johnson jerseys
  212. Cheerleaders
  213. Happy Halloween To All Of You Ghouls and Goblins Out There!
  214. Which Lib do you believe?
  215. This forum will feel like it died....
  216. Dirtiest political ad
  217. Color Test
  218. Recount...
  219. "I won't have to worry...."
  220. Please read this article...
  221. Candidates Comparisons
  222. Shopping for Tires?
  223. Led Zeppelin Radio on Sirius Starts TODAY
  224. Have a question,....
  225. Would you vote for Spaceport America?
  226. Candidates you can all get behind
  227. Fall back!
  228. Bored of this room…yet again...
  229. Obama?
  230. What is wrong with our children!!!!
  231. One Sermon to go!
  232. The Nose On Your Face
  233. Gunman Kills 15
  234. Palin got pranked!!! HAHA
  235. Just the facts Ma'am
  236. What's wrong with Vista?
  237. Why must they sing?
  238. Obama Tells SF Chronicle He Will Bankrupt Coal Industry
  239. Obama: Energy Prices Will Skyrocket Under My Cap and Trade Plan
  240. It's almost over.....
  241. PA residents - Which candidate will take your state?
  242. McCain Terrible Towel
  243. Obama
  244. I'm running in 2012!
  245. Affleck DESTROYS Keith Olbermann...
  246. Defend this . . .
  247. Huntley Brown
  248. The Redskin Rule
  249. The Most Ridiculous Thing I Have Ever Seen
  250. Pballers thread got me thinking...