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  1. Some people have way too much time on their hands...
  2. Pittsburgh Listed at #7 cheapest cities to retire in
  3. Schedule leaves Obama a media no-show
  4. Obama bows down to Saudi king
  5. worlds largest "super-volcano"ready to blow in yellowstone
  6. Giant Sea Worm.. GROSS.. and Real
  7. 3 police officers shot and killed in Pittsburgh
  8. Stupid fight game, mildly addicting!
  9. North Korea launches rocket!!
  10. Ignorant Press. . .
  11. Was Obama Right to Fire Wagoner?
  12. Saudis Report Plot To Assassinate Obama
  13. F-22 fighter program gets the axe
  14. 2 hospitalized after Pine shooting, standoff
  15. I got a new credit card offer....
  16. Again??!
  17. i finally got stung by a scorpion
  18. New Star Trek...
  19. Pirates...
  20. Eminem's new video slams Romo, Simpson, Palin and others
  21. Hagars new band ChickenFoot
  22. Bluetooth etiquette
  23. New Jersey man blames Bruce Springsteen for his divorce
  24. This Guy is NOT a Big Fan of Obama's European Trip...
  25. Political Cartoon from '34 Chicago Trib
  26. Give President Obama a grade
  27. Tennessee Tornadoes
  28. The Chinese have a new toy...and it doesn't bode well for US Fleets
  29. Pa. cable glitch switches Vatican Mass to racy ad
  30. Socialism vs. Capitalism...And the Winner Is...
  31. Happy Easter!
  32. Does Obama "Hate White People? Native Americans"?
  33. Mel Gibson's wife has filed for divorce after 28 years of marriage
  34. Warning: These Product Labels May Cause You to Double Over With Laughter
  35. Minn. court declares Franken leading vote-getter
  36. This is a fan!!
  37. Think Again: Engaging Cuba
  38. Second Time! Pirates attack U.S. cargo ship
  39. Fix the Economy? Let's Hope. But Probably Not Going To Happen...
  40. Homeland Security Warns of Rise in Right-Wing Extremism
  41. Loopholes let gun smuggling to Mexico flourish
  42. YouTube riddled with drug cartel videos, messages
  43. Sikhs fight Army over bans on turbans, uncut hair
  44. PA Gov. Rendell Wants Tough Gun Laws in Response to Cop Killings
  45. Obama Promise to stop Wiretapping? Not so much...
  46. Retrosexual
  47. Comedic Help....
  48. LOL - Philadelphia city judge runs campaign on hating the Dallas Cowboys
  49. Did you see Obama's new dog?
  50. Who's your favorite MLB team?
  51. I've heard of tree-huggers, but this is ridiculous
  52. Now this is fair and balanced!
  53. anderson cooper needs to go
  54. First time coaching position
  55. The Irony of the media
  56. Feinstein's husband cashes in on crisis-- thanks to the senator
  57. I'm back!
  58. Pennsylvania Men Attempting Record Send 217,000 Text Messages, Get $26G Bill
  59. Cassini pics of Saturn, Rings, Moons, etc...
  60. N.Y. Jets Unhappy Over 2009 Schedule
  61. Chew on this: Gum may be good for body, mind
  62. The Rooted and the Rootless
  63. New "Redneck" word
  64. 1st 100 Days
  65. I'm sorry Veterans
  66. Freddie Mac CFO kills himself
  67. Obama/GE Scandal to Make Watergate Look Like Shirley Temple Movie.
  68. mcfadden's
  69. Obama Legal Team Wants Defendants' Rights Limited
  70. 100 days in NYC
  71. Chuck! The TV show
  72. Arlen Specter = proven idiot
  73. An addictive online game I found
  74. Comp. Techies.. give me some help here.
  75. Amusement
  76. Layer Cake=Greatest Gangster Movie of All Time
  77. bho is what he is
  78. Way to keep us calm, Joe...
  79. FoxNews first live baseball game.
  80. Souter retiring
  81. U.S. Census controlled by Acorn?
  82. We need some humor about politics.
  83. now is time to PANIC! uber capitalist Warren Buffett....
  84. Jack Kemp, former quarterback and VP nominee, dies
  85. Yet another bho campaign lie
  86. What Are You
  87. I learned a new form of animal cruelty
  88. What the Finns Can Teach the U.S.(?)
  89. Personal experience that ticked me off!!!
  90. Corporal Punishment (in school?)
  91. CIFTA...
  92. Jon Stewart, War Criminals & The True Story of the Atomic Bombs
  93. Talk about "in the tank"
  94. People Magazine drank way too much Kool Aid
  95. Hillary gives 900M to support terrorism
  96. Your age by Chocolate Math
  97. House DEMOCRATS ask for more money???
  98. Is Pakistan Next?
  99. Actor Dom DeLuise Passes Away
  100. May 5th
  101. anyone use garmin/tom-tom navigation systems?
  102. Male 'contraceptive jab' closer
  103. Chinese Officials Stub Out Smoke or Else Demands
  104. This ought to be fun...
  105. Is our online privacy really under attack?
  106. Own a Garden, maybe not much longer...
  107. Send an online message to our troops
  108. Spell Irony: "Carbon Free" Eco Dorks Saved By Oil Tanker
  109. When you make a deal with da debil...
  110. sunburn/skin cancer season is upon us
  111. The Svengali in Chief
  112. Jerome Bettis Reportedly Out At NBC?
  113. Mixed Bag of Nuts
  114. Obaaaaaama Seeks $17B in Budget Cuts
  115. IBM/Lenovo vs. Dell
  116. Pelosi Knew about Waterboarding from the Start
  117. Republicans finally nailed Obama...
  118. The Teardrop Monument
  119. George Will on Obama's Not So Great Plan to Save the US Auto Industry...
  120. Yard Sales Illegal now too?
  121. Obama said....
  122. Heaven & Hell "The Devil You Know" Cd Review
  123. Comp. Techs.. Final list??
  124. Remember How That Meanie Bush Hated on Polar Bears?
  126. FCC - Forget About Fairness Doctrine
  127. Afghanis aren't scared.
  128. RAID comp. question.
  129. Punch Buggy and Slug Bug!
  130. What, no love for shuttle launches?
  131. Deficit to be 4 times higher this year than last...
  132. "Pastor" Rick Warren prayed to Isa - the "Jesus" of the Quran at Obama's inauguration
  133. $9 Trillion goes poof....
  134. Which president does Obama resemble?
  135. Munger: Blame Democrats, Sleazy Bankers for This Mess
  136. Bill passes to allow gun carry in National Parks
  137. Fat Tax for Lean Times
  138. Will: Obama Abusing Power
  139. Boy Scouts of America being trained to fight terrorists
  140. Real Men of Genius
  141. Techie... DONE Kinda
  142. Prophetic words about prophetic words
  143. Obama continuing yet ANOTHER "Failed Bush Policy"...
  144. wayman tisdale dies at 44
  145. Since we are all bored.........
  146. Busch Gardens, Glory at the Gardens, and a 4 year old
  147. Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker
  148. Embarrassed Preacher...
  149. Experience the other night, seen a man hit a woman
  150. Make the Wealthy Tax Exempt
  151. One Of The Most Horrific Stories I've Ever Come Across
  152. Nancy Pelosi- Complete Fraud
  153. Memorial Day
  154. Extraterrestrial Space Ships to Rescue us out of the Energy Crisis?
  155. TV-The Office-U.S.
  156. Its Finally Over!!!
  157. James Harrison's Dog attacks Harrison's Son
  158. Here's something you don't see every day
  159. Techie... Overclocking.
  160. World's Dumbest: Animal Encounters
  161. Why are there soo many people joining the Military?
  162. Ever had a "spinal" headache
  163. A new "Terminator" movie?
  164. Jager and Grey Goose making college dreams come true
  165. Krauth Scores a Point...
  166. Need a Job? The BIG Government is Hiring...
  167. N. Korea threatens war - again.
  168. Question for the men
  169. Russia signs a $306 million deal with NASA to ferry astronauts to space station
  170. Pittsburgh will host the G-20 Summit in September.
  171. “Jesus kill Mohammed!” chanted the interpreter. “Jesus kill Mohammed!”
  172. Ozzy suing Black Sabbath
  173. Baby Girl Vaccinated by FORCE is NOW Autistic
  174. More Government Corruption?
  175. GM declares bankruptcy
  176. Chinese students laugh at Geithner's assurances
  177. Laptop busted...
  178. New Gitmo Video Game
  179. Obama: Iran Has the Right to Nuclear Power
  180. Media Loves Obama? You Betcha...Time To Bring The Facts...
  181. Spending Our Money Wisely? Nope!
  182. Brazil confirms Air France jet crashed in ocean
  183. The end is near
  184. Gov't posts sensitive list of US nuclear sites
  185. What Do You Collect?
  186. 6 Reasons Obama Plan for GM Will Fail...
  187. David Carradine found dead in Bangkok
  188. Bodies and Debris Beginning to Be Recovered in Air France crash
  189. 65th Anniversary of D-Day
  190. Are All Women Crazy?
  191. The Piano Duet
  192. Inglourious Basterds?
  193. N. Korea sentences US reporters to 12 years labor
  194. My Problem with the Press.
  195. The guy that disappears...
  196. Top 10 ways the rest of the world has it better than the US in sports
  197. Illustration of Media Bias
  198. Economic Plan Far Too Optimistic...
  199. Metal Heads Rejoice! It's 1982 Again!
  200. We've Had The Spending. Here Comes the Taxing...
  201. Dr. Spencer Wells Chat
  202. It's official Futurama is Reborn!
  203. Craigslist rapist found dead.
  204. Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music videos?
  205. Mom Gives Birth in Her Pants
  206. So, what's your weather like?
  207. Obama really DOES hate white people...
  208. Now do The Jews hate Obama because of his stand on Israeli settlement?
  209. Ain't this the truth?
  210. GI Joe - The Rise of Cobra
  211. Real Republicans
  212. Chuck Schuldiner Appreciation Thread
  213. Seven Civil War stories your teacher never told you
  214. Whose phone number?
  215. Obama is Just a Man. A One-Two Punch....
  216. The Pacific
  217. Teenager Diagnoses Own Medical Condition
  218. Post A Movie Scene
  219. Rhinoceros Party of Canada
  220. Puppy Survives "Bath"
  221. Citizen Harasses Police Officer
  222. New York is Tops in Road Rage
  223. POS poses as decorated Marine hero
  224. Obama Pennies and The National Debt Road Trip
  225. Family Outraged After Quadriplegic Marine Denied Free Admission to Michigan Amusement
  226. Tax Tax Tax Tax Tax
  227. Protesters now equal terrorists
  228. PETA is .... well, you tell me.
  229. Term Paper Help
  230. FDA claims Cheerios is a drug
  231. Hawaii Ready for N. Korean Attack
  232. Go Troy Go!!!
  233. Iran's Supreme Leader says enough is enough
  234. Don't fall asleep while you're getting a tattoo
  235. Toll House cookie dough recalled over e coli fears
  236. Happy Fathers Day!
  237. James Harrison's former dog doing well.
  238. Recent Coverage on MSNBC
  239. twitter
  240. The Truth About Obama's Healthcare Plan...
  241. "No He Can't" (Barack Obama)
  242. Judge Sotomayor...Conservative?
  243. My old Pittsburgh neighborhood is burning to the ground
  244. 2 DC Metro trains collide
  245. 14 yr old girl sued by Texas Strip Club
  246. Ed McMahon Dead at 86
  247. Democrats Strike Deal on Massive Climate Bill
  248. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  249. Prominent Iowa football coach shot in head dies
  250. Top 3 Heroes