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  1. Rate the Signature Above You Thread
  2. An interesting perspective
  3. Kate Hudson ♥
  4. Sleeping Problems
  5. OchoStinko To Be On This Season's DWTS
  6. New Text Technology... For Cheaters Only...
  7. Blood Diamond
  8. Unemployed Americans may get their benefits after Senate and Bunning reach a deal
  9. Did Clinton backstab Britons over Falkland issue?
  10. North Korea's Race Problem
  11. Economists Warn Another Financial Crisis on the Way
  12. Contest win fuels fierce debate over race
  13. Thousands attend vigil for missing CA teen
  14. Relatives in eastern Cuba say woman has turned 125
  15. California State Assembly attempts to ban cursing
  16. Gay marriage made legal in DC
  17. Fixed Toyotas......Still Not Fixed
  18. Rick Warren-"Jesus never wore socks so I don’t either...
  19. 2010 Draft Day Hats Available
  20. Chinese military is not a threat to the US military
  21. Muslim Prayer Opens Congress
  22. Taking Control
  23. 11-year-old spends $44 million on Dubai homes
  24. march 6th
  25. "Race War" at one Ohio school?
  26. Let's Get Drunk and Go Feed the Bears!
  27. This girl needs your help!
  28. Wendell August Forge Burns to the Ground
  29. Trading Away Productivity
  30. 82nd Annual Academy Awards Thread
  31. N. Korea Says It Is Ready to 'Blow Up' U.S.
  32. Car DVD player suggestions
  33. Pawn Stars
  34. Vincent Chianese, owner of Vincents Pizza Park dies
  35. parents let real baby die while raising a virtual kid
  36. "We have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it."
  37. "administration" will accept no more public input for federal fishery strategy
  38. Someone explain this one to me.......
  39. Apology for women raped by father made pregnant 19 times
  40. Happy 70th Birthday, Chuck Norris!
  41. Rather on 'selling watermelon'
  42. What have you done for me lately?
  43. PC Help
  44. NY State has a bill to ban salt in restaurants
  45. Riches to Rags
  46. Beheaded Vikings found at Olympic site
  47. State plan fines feds $2,000 over gun rules
  48. Health Care Reform!
  49. Tony Blair courts false teacher Rick Warren in bid to unite faiths
  50. Read a good book lately?
  51. 'Mission: Impossible' Star Peter Graves Dead at 83
  52. ' The Late' Michael Jackson Lands Biggest Record Deal In History
  53. IRS Reportedly Comes to California Car Wash to Demand Four-Cent Debt
  54. House may try to pass Senate health-care bill without voting on it
  55. Two IRS Agents Sent to Collect 4˘
  56. List ranks best, deadliest U.S. roads
  57. Pittsburgh Considers Tax on Soda, Energy Drinks....
  58. Gulf Tower to be lit green to honor Rooney
  59. New Idaho Law: AG Must Sue Federal Government If Health Care Reform Bill Passes
  60. Leprechaun Traps???
  61. The Baddest show on television....
  62. Thank you to all LEO's
  63. Impeach?
  64. Oh 'Heil' ... No He Didn't !!!
  65. Mexico On Verge of Collapse
  66. 1938 Austria........2010 America
  67. Dutch - 1964 Republican National Convention
  68. Democrats have 216 votes needed to pass health care reform
  69. Bought a car for my son!
  70. What freedoms and liberties has Obama taken away from YOU
  71. Boy Scouts Accused of Massive Sex- Abuse Coverup
  72. U.S. states launch lawsuits against healthcare plan
  73. Petraeus, the U.S. & Israel
  74. What's your idea of Health Care Reform?
  75. Any Arnold fans?
  76. Obama Health Care Plan Discussion
  77. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  78. Net domestic migration into Pittsburgh metro area was POSITIVE in 2009
  79. "I Can Probably Give You 7 Minutes" - An Honest R&B Song!
  80. True story and one of the funniest stories I've heard in a loooong while
  81. Russell is God of Survivor, hands down
  82. Let me see if I got this right
  83. Lessons in Healthcare 101
  84. Few fun facts about unusual names from around the world
  85. Dems Now Aiming For "Total" Obama Agenda
  86. DTV Sunday Ticket
  87. Obama Snubbed Netanyahu For Dinner
  88. Jon Stewart ripping on Glen Beck
  89. 501C3 in action - South Carolina Ministers Trade Store Gift Cards for Guns
  90. Terror attack on Russia
  91. Militia Members Charged in Plot to Kill Police Officers
  92. N Korea suspected of sinking S Korea naval ship
  93. Superman vs. Light Saber
  94. Probe sees "Pacman" in the moon
  95. Militia Accused of Plotting War on U.S. Gov't
  96. Question: How Will We Pay for Healthcare?
  97. An Explanation For The Idea Of Heaven ?
  98. Want to play a game?
  99. Nothing better than Pennsylvania weather
  100. Is the Federal Reserve Constitutional?
  101. Obama to open offshore areas along coasts for drilling
  102. This is funny---and I couldn't resist
  103. Finding the Forgotten Man
  104. Politics Sub-Forum
  105. A movie with EVERYONE (Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Lundgren, & the Governator)
  106. Palin+Fox=more BS!
  107. Jimmy Hoffa: "If he's down there, he's going to be down there deeper," Gramicizia sai
  108. 5 Scientific Reasons Why People Act Like A-holes
  109. Are Iranians White ??
  110. Looking for a good radar detector...
  111. How about we discuss our macro level views?
  112. Guam Is Going To 'Tip Over'
  113. John Forsythe Dies
  114. Anti-Gravity ? The "Hutchinson Effect"...
  115. Somali Pirates Bite Off More Than They Can Chew
  116. Obama's policy of slapping allies
  117. Social Security
  118. Happy Easter!
  119. A guy who could THROW a business card
  120. Steve Bridges Impersonates Obama...
  121. Some funny stuff
  122. Regulation not as capitalism's downfall, but its salvation
  123. Leaked footage of 2007 USAF engaging ''hostiles'' NSFW
  124. Here's Your Chance to Rate the POTUS: Obama
  125. Why do Jews vote "liberal"?
  126. Coal Mine Explosion in Wv
  127. Anyone have a Walmart/Super Walmart in their small community?
  128. 18 states now suing over Obamacare
  129. Asian Chupacabra Found!
  130. 'Pastor' Rick Warren's Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan - Beware, Beware, BEWARE!
  131. The Laffer Curve - Taxes
  132. I AM OZZY! (Book review)
  133. 45% of Doctors Retiring?
  134. Subliminal Advertising?
  135. Poland
  136. Obama's Nuke Agreement....
  137. The Bear Jew/ Inglorius Basterds
  138. Jon Voight to America
  139. Ross Kemp On Gangs
  140. Simple computer question....please help
  141. 10% Unemployment is normal in SOCIALIST COUNTRIES....
  142. The Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals
  143. Deadliest Warrior
  144. Army Officer Won't Accept Obama As Chief
  145. Washington will spend $31,406 per household this year
  146. The U.S. economy needs strong, independent CFPA
  147. Ben Sexual Assault Forum
  148. Why Is Virginia's Governor Still Fighting the Civil War ?
  149. Type-0 Frontman Peter Steele dead at 48
  150. Ask the card-carrying socialists: Is Obama one of them?
  151. Pittsburgh is a highly-educated U.S. city
  152. Icelandic Volcano Eruption will COOL Global Warming.
  153. ive taken all's i can stands, and i can't stands no more!
  154. Short cartoon my brother made
  155. “Health Care”, the GDP, and Unemployment
  156. Replacing Stevens (a TRUE conservative) on the SCOTUS
  157. US Military Plans Against Iran
  158. Position-By-Race In The NFL ?
  159. Radical Islamic Takes On... South Park
  160. Iranian cleric: Promiscuous women cause quakes
  161. Financial Reform and American Politics
  162. Who's the Rat? (queue Godfather Waltz)
  163. Obama's faith advisor, Rev Jim Wallis, says the HC bill is "the heart of the gospel"
  164. THESE Are The Sickest People In The World !!!
  165. Oil Rig Blast Survivors Reach Shore Amid Search for Missing
  166. Harlem Minister: "Obama is a long-legged Mack Daddy Pimp"
  167. I'm going to have vision correction (LASIK) done and have a question...
  168. Speaking words of wisdom.....
  169. Report: Health Overhaul Will Increase Nation's Tab
  170. The Goldman Sachs Scandal Explained
  171. Store Clerk Wins $258.5 Million...
  172. Any AMT's or AN/NAS standard experts?
  173. Arizona Passes Toughest Immigration Law in Decades
  174. Bret Michaels in Critical Condition
  175. Supplement Questions for Steelerstrength, et al
  176. How to get rid of a squirrel (funny)
  177. Are Tea Partiers Racist ??
  178. shitmydadsays
  179. Jesse James Father Said What !?
  180. Yikes! Man Decapitates Wife With Chainsaw...
  181. Gulf Oil Spill could become worst in US History
  182. A favor
  183. FDA Approves $93,000 Vaccine
  184. Double Whammy for the Dems...Mistakes Compiling...
  185. Funny start to my weekend....
  186. By The Time I Get To Arizona...
  187. How We Became White People
  188. Allergies
  189. Needing a boat in Nashville!
  190. Computer question....
  191. What if North Korea Torpedoed the Oil Rig?
  192. The All-American Canal
  193. Barrack Obama's Alleged 2004 Affair...
  194. Climate Change Solution Mark II
  195. Crazy Jim Traficant is BACK!
  196. Burn yourself and get free money!
  197. Who has Verizon Fios?
  198. Gay White Supremacist ?
  199. Life
  200. Best Guitarist of all time (Top 5)
  201. A glass of Tequila for Cinco de Mayo!
  202. CNN Empathizes With Times Square Bomber's Home Foreclosure
  203. Ice Cube & Snoop Dog... Football Series
  204. More Jobs To Hire "Independent Contractors"
  205. Bush Making a Comeback?
  206. Billy Ray "Rojo" Johnson
  207. Happy Mothers Day!
  208. Obama Birth Certificate DEMANDED !!!
  209. Poll: Most in U.S. approve of Arizona immigration law
  210. GOP Picks Tampa For 2012 Convention
  211. The City Of Los Angeles Approves Economic Sanctions Against Arizona
  212. Man posing as high school basketball player gets busted
  213. America’s choice: Arizona or San Francisco?
  214. Kids Movies
  215. Obama's "Foreign Student Loan", Joe the Plumber Redux...
  216. Bill Wh0res for Hill
  217. UCSD Student and Horowitz
  218. Mr. Dan Rooney is AWESOME
  219. Racist Kids
  220. 'Buffalo Cougar': I'm Sorry I Flirted With Obama
  221. Extreme Scare Prank On Venezuelan Woman Goes Bad
  222. Kennywood's open!
  223. Glen Beck has Nazi Tourettes
  224. RIP RJD
  225. Obama Admin Apologizes to China for AZ Law
  226. Obama raps GOP as 'just-say-no crowd' on economy
  227. Deshea & Dr Gates
  228. Iran Capital (Tehran) Break Dancers
  229. Arizona is threatening to boycott Los Angeles by cutting off their electricity
  230. Obama and Calderón Decry Arizona Immigration Law
  231. Spouse found out about your affair? Sue your cellphone company.
  232. You know when govenment takeover is THIS bad when...
  233. Another Proud White House Moment
  234. N. Korea: Retaliation for Ship Would Trigger War
  235. wow what a waste of time & money
  236. And So it Begins....
  237. You've heard the saying about rats and sinking ships.........
  238. Bret Michaels back in the hospital
  239. Hidden Business Tax Law In Obamacare
  240. Skydiver Preparing for 120,000 Foot Jump (From Space)
  241. A question for the ladies
  242. NJ's "Prince Pimp" Gets 18 yrs...
  243. "Yes, it is a lie but it is a good lie."
  244. The War of Ideology Between the City States
  245. Jobpocalypse now
  246. The wonderful world of Hugo Chavez.
  247. Man Admits To " Vomit Assault " At Phillies Game
  248. Interracial Marriage Still Rising, But Not As Fast
  249. White House Job Offer to Sestak May Be an 'Impeachable' Offense
  250. With Memorial Day Coming Up....