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  1. American Horror Story - season 2
  2. FBI releases documents that confirm they spy on anarchists
  3. FRANKENSTORM: The Mother Of All Snowicanes Is Barreling Towards NYC
  4. ‘Democrat Of The Year’ Convicted Of Felony Theft
  5. Sandy lowers gas prices...well...maybe not..
  6. Former Penn State President Faces Charges for Protecting Sandusky
  7. Hines Ward does The Walking Dead
  8. Senior Night
  9. Poll: Most Republicans believe in demonic possession
  10. 2 yr old mauled to death at Pittsburgh zoo.
  11. Whats good on the menu for election night coverage?
  12. Obama vs Romney Gameday Thread
  13. Vote tallying
  14. Georgia Man Speeds Down Interstate With Crying Girlfriend On Hood
  15. Pot legal in CO
  16. Best of the rest
  17. Gary Johnson runs most successful Libertarian campaign in party’s history
  18. Nate Silver
  19. 9 yr old football playing girl is a BEAST!!!
  20. Super-Earth in 6-Planet System May Have Oceans, Life
  21. Does the GOP have to change?
  22. Pat Robertson goes too far
  23. David Petraeus resigns from CIA
  24. If at first you don't secede
  25. Happy Veterans Day
  26. Egyptian jihadist calls for removal of Sphinx, Pyramids
  27. Hours after election, White House supports U.N.’s global ban on Guns
  28. Let's play a game
  29. Maine Republican chair cries voter fraud because ‘dozens of black people’ voted
  30. Rockets land in field outside Jerusalem as war looms over Gaza
  31. Full steam ahead
  32. Hostess Goes Out of Business
  33. And so it begins...
  34. Official Fox News is BS thread
  35. BOSS Quasars Unveil a New Era in the Expansion History of the Universe
  36. How to Join The Israeli Army
  37. why are we abused? why are we neglected?
  38. Egypt the next Iran?
  39. Girl Bitten By Dolphin At SeaWorld
  40. "Lincoln"
  41. 'Everyone in US under virtual surveillance' - NSA whistleblower
  42. Vatican Calls for the Establishment of World Government and a New World Order
  43. Rush is finally in.
  44. Connecticut school shooting
  45. Calif. judge says victims' body can prevent rape
  46. Israeli Teachers
  47. "Trillions"
  48. merry christmas free stuff!!!!
  50. Al Jazeera Said to Be Acquiring Current TV
  51. Are SF women hard-nosed and slatternly?
  52. Complete list of 85th Annual Academy Award nominations announced
  53. Marines - First ones in
  54. Obama says no to Death Star petition
  55. Stingray
  56. Lance Armstrong admits doping
  57. NY passes new state gun laws
  58. Environmental catastrophe
  59. Manti Te'o's girlfriend story a hoax?
  60. Woman accused of killing boyfriend with breasts
  61. Batshit Nuts Birther Queen Orly Taitz Now Batshit Nuttier
  62. Lady Gaga to perform at Obama's inaugural ball
  63. RIP Stan The Man
  64. 5 accidentally shot at gun shows in North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana
  65. Albuquerque Shooting: Teenager Kills 5 People, Including 3 Children
  66. Texas: Shooting-du-jour
  67. J.J. Abrams Will Direct the New Star Wars Movie
  68. "Put simply, we cannot allow the rights of a few to override the safety of all"
  69. Vatican supports Obama on gun control
  70. Don't hem him in: 'Liberal' can't define the Obama presidency
  71. More than 230 dead at Brazil nightclub fire
  72. Senators reach agreement on immigration reform
  73. UK lawmakers approve same-sex marriage in first vote
  74. Poll: Politics Forum?
  75. LAPD cop killer cop on the loose
  76. good workouts?
  77. Ohio Amish beard-cutting ringleader gets 15 years
  78. The Pope quits - hands in his resignation
  79. Happy Darwin Day
  80. 'Blade Runner' Oscar Pistorius allegedly kills girlfriend in shooting
  81. Meteorite blows up over Siberia
  82. Roffle Copter?
  83. Air Force confirms Russian jets circled US territory of Guam
  84. Now that's entertainment!
  85. SI 2013 swimsuit teaser
  86. Mark Sanford redux
  87. Say goodbye to flyovers
  88. Girls Gone Bankrupt
  89. Les Miles Stepping Down Due to Affair With Student?
  90. Generalissimo Hugo Chavez is dead
  91. Congressional global warming hearing canceled due to D.C. snowstorm
  92. Terrorists Detonate Themselves with IED
  93. Daylight Savings Time
  94. Does CNN's done lemon tan?
  95. Judge tosses New York City's planned ban on large sugary drinks
  96. 'Cannibal Cop' found guilty
  97. These hypocrites say they’re looking out for us
  98. Big Sugar Is Set for a Sweet Bailout
  99. Catholics have inked a pope to a lifetime deal.
  100. North Korea knows how we live
  101. Seven Marines Killed During Training Exercise
  102. BlazeQuietly says Goodbye After 2 years
  103. Canadians = Palestinians?
  104. This or that?
  105. The Out of Context Thread
  106. Pictures
  107. This had me laughing so hard my chest hurts
  108. The United Police States of America
  109. What's making you laugh?
  110. Paris Hilton's Inheritance Goes to Charity
  111. Infinite Prose Drops Some Steelers Shout-Outs
  112. According to Rabbi and Science, 85% of Palestinian Muslims Were Former Jews...
  113. Roger Ebert dies at 70 after battle with cancer
  114. Windows 8 OS
  115. How North Korea Could Destroy The United States
  116. Evil Dead Remake
  117. Bought a new toy over the weekend....
  118. About the meanings of the terms "religious freedom" and "religious liberty:"
  119. Do I need to use paypal to make a donation?
  120. Going Under The Knife
  121. Zero.Dark.Thirty
  122. Take it or leave it
  123. "Pastor" Rick Warren Blames "Illegal" Gun Bought by Son on Internet for Suicide
  124. Deaths, injuries reported after Boston Marathon blasts
  125. 2nd Amendment Wins AGAIN!!!!
  126. 'Like a nuclear bomb'
  127. Locklear's Beauty Secret: Rub "Semen" On Your Face
  128. Comic Book Movies
  129. It's a sign!
  130. Tavon White, Leader Of Black Guerilla Family Prison Gang, Impregnated 4 Female Guards
  131. Man Cuts Girls Head Off For Snitching (Mexican Cartel)
  132. my anti-theism is coming out tonight
  133. Hey QuackJack
  134. They closed a thread
  135. Poll shows how US Muslims are like Protestants – and how they're not
  136. Kriss Kross RIP
  137. Alan Turing and the evils of Homophobia and intolerance
  138. The advice thread
  139. Slayer Guitarist Dies
  140. Rhode Island is #10...
  141. Ill. Boy Hires Hooker, Gets Piggy Bank Stolen
  142. Idea: Nation Game?
  143. Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention Chief Arrested for Sexual Assault
  144. 911 call -- 'I've been kidnapped!' -- cops find 3 women missing for years
  145. Delaware Becomes the 11th State to Allow Same-Sex Marriage
  146. Maryland is 18th state to enact medical marijuana laws
  147. Metal singer arrested over murder plot
  148. drill baby drill...
  149. Tim Lumber sighting
  150. Under-appreciated bands/musicians.
  151. Kill me.
  152. Not a Leno fan but this is brilliant
  153. One of the First Responders to the West Fertilizer Blast Has Been Arrested
  154. Madman in a box
  156. Things you hate to admit.
  157. Bing Rewards
  158. Terror Plot To Kill A Hundred Grand...ALMOST!!!
  159. OJ Simpson: I Want A New Trial!
  160. RNC Hispanic "Outreach" Not Working Well
  161. Most. Adorable. Offseason. Arrest. Ever.
  162. Fitch the Homeless
  163. Mexicans are Jews
  164. Grade every president since FDR
  165. Pentagon - war against Al Qaeda likely to continue “at least 10 to 20 years”
  166. Movie Thread
  167. I Have A Question...
  168. Just came back from the local, annual Greek Fest
  169. Favorite poster?
  170. Dog Name
  171. Have you ever?
  172. WTF is this?
  173. Oklahoma tornado: Dozens killed in Moore
  174. The Doors Manzarek dies
  175. Alex Jones goes tornado machine crazy
  176. Pentagon wants $450M for Guantanamo prison
  177. What did your grandparent do that's cooler than you?
  178. Brutal cleaver assault on man in London street is suspected terror attack
  179. Jodie Arias
  180. fact or fiction?
  181. This Memorial Day, Pause to Remember.
  182. Wild Wings greenville
  183. Awesome way to give back to our Veterans
  184. Openly gay Robbie Rogers to resume career
  185. Leonard Pitts: Why Mark Carson's story still matters.
  186. MagicOfRahat
  187. Yes or No?
  188. Pittsburgh Parents Of The Year
  189. Rep. Bachmann Will Not Seek Re-Election
  190. SPOILERS: Movie endings game
  191. Pictures reveal Maryland teacher having sex with family dog: cops Read more: http://
  192. General Mills will ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT’ remove ad.
  193. Best Break-Up Letter Ever: Ask 'Kelsi' Where Your Stuff Is
  194. I have twenty slaves working for me
  195. They’re Coming for Your DNA
  196. Leaving Facebook
  197. How old are you?
  198. Where Are You From/Where Do You Live?
  199. $590 Million Powerball Winner Is an 84-Year-Old Woman
  200. LAPD Has 15 Minute Standoff With Armed Call Of Duty Statue.
  201. If You Have Verizon, The NSA Has Been Secretly Collecting Your Phone Records
  202. Pres. Obama: "Joe Flacco Is Elite"
  203. Ugh
  204. Richard Ramirez, so-called 'Night Stalker' serial killer, dies in California prison
  205. All the Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need, Courtesy of Bush and Obama
  206. Movie QUOTE game
  207. Japan Holds Unprecedented Military Exercise in US
  208. Remember when we had a space program? Chinese spacecraft blasts off with 3 astronauts
  209. Sony Playstation 4 dominates E3
  210. Pope confirms 'gay lobby' at work at Vatican
  211. Freedom or Security? How about neither?
  212. Florida man stabs brother over missing macaroni and cheese, police say
  213. Kevin Ware inspires 14-Year Old car accident victim
  214. Yay! now we'll be arming Al-Qaeda in Syria
  215. Where have all the liberals gone?
  216. Why Are People Racists, Trolls, and Ass Hats Online ?
  217. Snowden poll
  218. Where Israeli Attack Dogs Lie in Wait
  219. Unchecked looting guts Egypt's heritage, with one ancient site '70 percent gone'
  220. how many steelers message boards do you belong to?
  221. Need a translator.
  222. Feds charge 3 in Ohio slavery case
  223. Man argues constitutional right of goat love
  224. The Song Lyric Game
  225. Hamas: 100,000 children to enroll in summer camps
  226. Chomsky: Obama Is ‘Dedicated To Increasing Terrorism’
  227. Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski Backs Same-Sex Marriage
  228. Filmmaker asserts new evidence on crash of TWA Flight 800
  229. Blood, spit and cops: Nationwide drug roadblocks raise eyebrows
  230. R.I.P. James Gandolfini
  231. I Apologize
  232. Dem tells FBI to take down photos of terrorists because it's "Offensive to Muslims"
  233. "Jihawg Ammo": Pork-laced Bullets Designed To Send Muslims 'Straight To Hell'
  234. Wanted To Say Thank You But...
  235. Political threads
  236. A ??? For Our African American Friends
  237. Where are you vacationing this year?
  238. Texas Republican says rape kits clean you out
  239. Article Feds in talks with NFL on promoting ObamaCare
  240. Internet Gem vrs. Internet Gem
  241. No Hard Feelings
  242. Article Texas scheduled to execute 500th prisoner
  243. Article Tearful Paula Deen: I am not a racist
  244. DOMA decision day.
  245. Ultra book for 2nd yr college student
  246. Whine Merchants: Privilege, Inequality and the Persistent Myth of White Victimhood
  247. Article I DO THE HUMPTY HUMP
  248. Article where was this lady when i was growing up.. #superfuckingjelly
  249. Treason
  250. Article Americans hate their jobs, even with perks