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  1. Obama is a disaster.
  2. Dammit - I mised the Mars colony rocket cut-off date
  3. Teenager who murdered baby in stroller sentenced to life with no parole
  4. Obama supports cartel take over of southern border
  6. Milion Second Quiz
  7. KISS's Gene Simmons Is A Class Act
  8. Who is ready for some "Johnny Football" drama?
  9. Greatest thing ever made...
  10. Bank Robber Wears Obama Mask
  11. Funny Movie Scenes
  12. You know you're getting older when...
  13. Guantanamo Bay Empty-Pardoned By Obama
  14. BREAKING Washington Navy Yard Shootings
  15. What "the establishment is teaching kids about 2nd amd.
  16. Article Why Does the NSA Control Center Look Like the Bridge From Star Trek?
  17. Article 25 Crazy Things That are Actually in The Bible
  18. 5 bodies found in submerged Oklahoma cars
  19. Iran's president Rouhani: We will never develop nuclear weapons
  20. Factbox: What happens in a U.S. government shutdown?
  21. Gun Control Advocates, Democratic Lawmakers Make Case for Gun Control
  22. Senate bill would make free press a "privilege"
  23. Scientists Urge Texas Not To Adopt Creationist Biology Textbooks
  24. Pittsburgh is for young people
  25. Spooky Clown Mystery Grips Northampton
  26. Come Again? Landmark Trial Declares Public Masturbation Legal In Sweden
  27. High School Forces Student To Remove Duck Dynasty’ Shirt
  28. Atom bomb nearly exploded over North Carolina in 1961
  29. Applebee's Calls Police on Family With Noisy Kids
  30. Republicans Defund Ovomitcare
  32. This Worries Me
  33. This Is An Innocent Child We're Talking About Here!
  34. FBI calls half of populace with 9/11 doubts potential terrorists
  35. FEMA Asks Congress for Billions for Unspecified Upcoming Disaster
  36. Article Real Life "Papa Smurf " Dies
  37. Supreme Court May Get Second Chance to Kill Obamacare's Insurance Mandate
  38. Photo Innuendo (Get your mind outta the gutter!)
  39. Pot doesnt kill brain cells, it GROWS them
  40. Article After long wait, Obamacare prices are finally released
  41. ATF misplaced 420 million cigarettes in stings
  42. Article 'Sleepless In Austin' Man Will Pay Good Money For A Thin, White Girlfriend
  43. Ex-President George H.W. Bush serves as witness at same-sex wedding
  44. I Guess You Really Don't Know Some People
  45. Article Giant 40-foot rubber duck arrives in Pittsburgh Friday
  46. Trip to Pittsburgh
  47. US sending bankrupt Detroit $300 million
  48. Pastor shot, killed in front of congregation during Louisiana church service
  49. down after a Steelers lose?
  50. Billionaires Secretly Love Obamacare:
  51. The Stunning Truth About Inequality In America
  52. U.S. government shutdown begins after Congress fails to break impasse
  53. Article Americans' Trust In American People At New Low
  54. Article Many Congressmen Drinking So Much You Can Smell It
  55. what are you happy the government shutdown?
  56. Article Hobby Lobby to Jews: 'We Don't Cater to You People'
  57. I'm Going To Hell, How About You?
  58. Police Stop Leads To Bizarre Arrest
  59. Punk band shoots porno on Westboro Baptist Church front lawn
  60. White vaginas banned
  61. The story of Nikki Tikki Tavi
  62. Man Burns Himself Alive On Washington D.C National Mall
  63. Laziest Postal Driver Ever
  64. Nine Year Old Scams TSA
  65. Man shoots headfirst between 30-foot rock opening at 122 mph
  66. Article The War On Drugs Is Over. Drugs Won.
  67. Article Flu season may be starting, but feds on furlough can't track it
  68. I Had Dinner With A Lesbian!!!
  69. Woman Accused of Embezzling Millions in Lunch Money From Local School District
  70. Article Isaac Newton Died A Virgin And 9 Other Facts About The Brilliant, Bizarre Physicist
  71. Where is Vis???
  72. halloween
  73. Visiting Pittsburg
  74. Anyone every use online dating sites?
  75. My Friend Beth Has A Brain Tumor
  76. "Zombie Drug" gaining popularity in the US
  77. Cloud Based Business Management
  78. Article China Calls for "New World Order, " Blaming Congress for Risking Global Economy
  79. haha....walmart gets the shaft
  80. I'm Going To Submit A Story To Guideposts!
  81. King for a day
  82. Conservative Catholics Question Pope Francis' Approach
  83. Oreos as Addictive as Cocaine: A Study
  84. 1.8 Million Year Old Skull Gives Glimpse of Our Evolution
  85. Article Remember Those Campaign Finance Documents We Found In a Meth House...
  86. Canada-EU Free Trade Deal Signed
  87. If I were the devil
  88. The Naked Communist - 50 Years later
  89. Argentine scientists tap cow burps for natural gas
  90. China smog emergency shuts city of 11 million people
  91. Ariel Castro's neighbor charged with 1990s murders
  92. Former Mexican Drug Lord Killed by Gunman Dressed As Clown
  93. How Are You Weird And/Or An Asshole?
  94. US ARMY Camera Catches Afghans gang banging a goat
  95. Builders of Obama's health website saw red flags
  96. Here's The Story I Submitted
  97. High times as majority in U.S. now want pot legalized
  98. Article Mike Tyson - My Life as A Young Thug
  99. Achtung!
  100. 'McResources' Hotline Tells McDonald's Workers to Sign Up For SNAP, Medicaid
  101. If in doubt, punch a horse?
  102. Obama wants Marines to wear ‘girly’ hats
  103. James Taylor momentarily forgets he’s singing the national anthem
  104. NC GOP Chairman Forced To Resign After Daily Show Interview
  105. Article Man goes into burning home to save beer
  106. Article Confederate flag was the flag of traitors
  107. Study suggests getting tough on tax-exempt groups may help the budget
  108. Article The Spying Thread
  109. RIP Lou Reed
  110. Daylight Savings Time Ends
  111. Article Obama administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance
  112. Awww Precious Little Brooke Died Thursday
  113. Article The Worlds Most Powerful People
  114. this will melt even the stoniest of hearts
  115. Hunters Shoot Animal Rights Drone Out of the Sky
  116. All y'all know I don't get emotional very often, but I have a new addition
  117. Worst winter you guys remember
  118. Hilarious video of NYPD trying to stop skateboarders
  119. Trick-or-Treaters making 2 passes
  120. US, Iraq agree more equipment needed to fight al Qaeda in Iraq
  121. How to clean up the mess left by Halloween tricksters
  122. Article Lockheed Unveils Successor To SR-71 Blackbird
  123. Man This Is Hillarious!!!
  124. Sons of Anarchy
  125. Voters in Virginia, New Jersey leave Tea Party reeling
  126. Dramatic Return of TVR
  127. Teens’ Burning Twin Towers Costume Causes Outrage
  128. Home burns then fire department charges residents nearly $20,000
  129. Exclusive: Obama personally apologizes for Americans losing health coverage
  130. Tax refund ID theft is growing 'epidemic': IRS watchdog
  131. Homeless Man Naps in Pittsburgh Presidential Suite
  132. Police turn routine traffic stops into cavity searches
  133. Mormon church set to become Florida's largest private landowner
  134. Health Insurance Exchange
  135. Thank you, Veterans
  136. ‘Butt Chugging’ at frat house nearly kills student, points to alcohol abuses
  137. Palin: 'This isn't racist,' but debt is 'like slavery'
  138. We are from the government
  139. Article U.S. To Be World's Top Oil Producer By 2016, Surpassing Saudi Arabia And Russia
  140. Article Judge to Army Vet: ‘Your Time In Iraq Makes You A Threat To Society'
  141. Stevie Nicks...Did Anyone Know This?
  142. Craig Cobb: White supremacist told he is 14% African in televised DNA test
  143. Article Oldest Animal on Earth discovered, then killed by scientists
  144. "Dateable Girls Know How to Shut Up" Says High School Speaker
  145. .50 BMG Vs. Sony PS4
  146. Requesting a bit of help
  147. Brazil holds contest for best rear end
  148. Gay Waitress Not Tipped By Family
  149. Hey Teeg A ?
  150. Article Midwest tornadoes, winds slam towns and trucks; 2 killed in Illinois
  151. White candidate pretends to be black to win election
  152. Article The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People
  153. Article Wal-Mart defends controversial food drive for employees
  154. US military eyes cuts to pay and benefits
  155. Knockout Game
  156. Walnuts Are Drugs, Says FDA
  157. First Recreational Marijuana License Issued in Colorado
  158. Costco Apologizes for Labeling Bibles as Fiction
  159. JFK Assassination 50 years later
  160. Mexico vows to stop vigilante expansion
  161. Semen Therapy
  162. Article Stop Thanking Veterans For Their Service
  163. Controversy Erupts Over Kmart's Joe Boxer Christmas Commercial
  164. 16 American cities foreign governments warn their citizens about
  165. Black Friday Horror Stories
  166. Your Hometown
  167. Article Angola Becomes "First Country to Ban Islam"
  168. Day of the Doctor
  169. 7 Adorable Wet Dogs Who Are So Over Bath Time
  170. Busiest travel day of year to be 'pretty bad' for millions as pre-Thanksgiving storm
  171. The Death of Brian Griffin
  172. Happy Thanksgiving!
  173. Pope Francis Slams Trickle-Down Economics, Greed at the Top
  174. Pizza Hut Manager Says He Was Fired for Refusing to Open on Thanksgiving
  175. NORAD Tracks Santa
  176. Article Medieval Mass Grave found in NE England
  177. Paul Walker dead today in fiery car accident
  178. Top Scientist: Humans Emerged After Chimpanzee Had Sex With Pig
  179. Been out of touch for a while..............
  180. Apologies
  181. Vis and That
  182. [Sensitve Content] 98 Percent Can't Watch Full Video
  183. Florida man kills wife, son with crossbow, sheriff says
  184. this is how bad it's gotten...
  185. Terrific Article About Bikers
  186. Man Seizes Family's Home While They're Out of Town, Says He's Staying
  187. Nelson Mandela R.I.P.
  188. Teens Arrested for Letting Friend Drive Drunk in Fatal Crash
  189. GOD? Well do ya?
  190. Dem proposes taxing drivers by the mile.
  191. Article 20 Practical Uses for Coca Cola
  192. Hmmmm
  193. Obama Corporate Deal
  194. Man jumps to his death after girlfriend insists they continue shopping
  195. The Supreme Court Just Took Away Your Right to Remain Silent
  196. Obama's gestures during Mandela memorial scrutinized
  197. Chinese Gamer plays on in
  198. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review
  199. Time's Person of The Year is: Pope Francis
  200. Rich Texas Teen Gets Probation For Killing 4 Pedestrians While Drunk Driving
  201. School drops sexual harassment claim against 6-year-old who kissed girl
  202. Megyn Kelly Fox News - Jesus & Santa Are White - Deal With It
  203. Obama oblivious to scandal, incompetence
  204. Best. Twitter. Exchange. Ever.
  205. People who turned 50 this year
  206. British crackdown on EU migrant benefits begins on January 1
  207. Accidental Tax Break Saves Wealthiest Americans $100 Billion
  208. Blackfish
  209. Article Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson blasted for linking homosexuality to bestiality
  210. The Steelers Fever Christmas Tree
  211. 1 in 200 Women Say They've Had a 'Virgin Pregnancy'
  212. GOP Rep - Make Poor Kids Sweep Floors For Lunch
  213. Health-care officials across the country resign as Obamacare registration deadline lo
  214. Ukrainian immigrant, 3-year-old son dead in Manhattan building fall
  215. Billion Dollar Climate Denial Network Exposed
  216. is everybody signed up for obamacare ?
  217. Hi...It's Been A Tough, Tough Month
  218. Did you get any Steelers stuff for Christmas?
  219. happy new year (still can say that right?)
  220. What Did We Get Stuck In Our Rectums This Year?
  221. Idaho Wolf Derby Set to Take Place This Weekend
  222. Week 17 Picks
  223. NSA reportedly intercepting laptops purchased online to install spy malware
  224. Article Russia terrorist attack highlights increase in female suicide bombers
  225. Directv Vs. Dish Network
  226. 15 cops needed to subdue masturbating meth addict
  227. Article Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Suggests Men Marry 15-Year-Old Girls in Newly Surfaced
  228. Article Missouri Bar Gets Cease-And-Desist Order From Starbucks, Responds With Hilarious Lett
  229. Money Isn't Everything
  230. Article High Demand: Price of legal marijuana soars in Colorado
  231. Baby, it's cold outside!
  232. anyone ever been to the BIG 33 Football Classic ?
  233. Pigskin pick'em
  234. Cubans aghast at car prices as new law kicks in
  235. Hey...A Question...Not Intended To Insight A Riot!!!!
  236. Article I Need To Replace My Income!
  237. Tebow Nails BCS Prediction
  238. Ex-Swiss Guard Complains of Sexual Advances in the Vatican
  239. Pakistani Teenager Dies Saving School From Suicide Bomber
  240. Wiz Khalifa's uncle slain at Waterfront shopping center
  241. Student-Athlete Literacy Researcher Receives Death Threats
  242. Exclusive: Iran, Russia negotiating big oil-for-goods deal
  243. Mail Innovation Anyone?
  244. Article Southwest flight lands at wrong Missouri airport
  245. Article The Upside to MTV's "16 and Pregnant"
  246. New Mexico Doctors Can Help Terminally Ill Patients Die, Judge Says
  247. Article Heroic Armed Citizen Stops Movie Texting With Gun, Murder
  248. Officials: Boy opens fire in New Mexico school gym, wounding 2
  249. Drug arrest made in search of Justin Bieber's home in egging probe
  250. Police Searching for the "Swiss Cheese Pervert"