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  1. Anyone Up For A Walk On The Wild Side?
  2. All Irish jokes here!
  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day
  4. My Episode Aired
  5. Audi TT "Unbreakable"
  6. Online Film Critics Top 100 Overlooked Films of the 90's.
  7. Sick of Gas at $2.50 a gallon? How's 330 MPG sound?
  8. Cannucks Response to Americans Who Don't Like Seal Hunting? Bite It!
  9. Computer geek or Murderer?
  10. Never Question a Drunk
  11. What Should I Do?
  12. excuses for not going to work
  13. Cannucks at it...AGAIN.
  14. In Landmark Case, Perhaps the Hottest Teacher None of US Ever Had...
  15. Photo of the Day
  16. Breaking News! Sniper in Downtown Pittsburgh!
  17. Father of the Year Award Winner
  18. this is one smart dog..
  19. Brokeback Mountain Sequel Every Man Would pay to See!
  20. Night at the Enterprise
  21. If I could, I'd post a link to Spring Break Pictures.
  22. height of irony with modern technology
  23. Remember that Online Gaming Geek You Made Fun of?
  24. U.S. We hate you! U.S. Please Save Us. Again.
  25. 255 Year Old Tortoise "Shuffles off this mortal coil"
  26. They killed Chef
  27. Man..what a ripoff!!
  28. Guilty pleasures
  29. Buck Owens Dies
  30. Be honest, and take the test.
  31. 10 Science Things You Only THOUGHT You Knew
  32. 18 Tricks To "Heal Thyself"
  33. Wife/Girlfriend Packing on the Pounds?
  34. Check Out the Lego Arena
  35. Rumsfeld Arrives in Somerset County, PA
  36. Well known Pittsburgh Coroner in Hot Water.
  37. MLB All Star game in da 'burgh
  38. Do You Like Beer? I Mean REALLY Like Beer?
  39. National Cherry Blossom Festival
  40. tonights "monologue of the day"
  41. I need to scapegoat a group of people for a few days
  42. Combating Those "Spring Forward" Blues
  43. Typical Male- lol
  44. How fast is your brain?
  45. World's Weirdest Yard Sale
  46. carlsbad caverns, new mexico
  47. New Navy Ship Being Built With WTC Steel
  48. Villagers Torch Frankenstein's...in Tennessee
  49. #1 Thing NOT Say When a Hooker is "Servicing" You?
  50. Like Napoleon Dynamite?
  51. Cute baby!!!
  52. REAL Shark Pic...
  53. Let's dispel the "Oil War" nonsense once and for all...
  54. I did it! I missed the entire NCAA tourney!!!
  55. 50 Greatest Indie Flicks of all time...
  56. Deal or No Deal
  57. What would be your perfect day?
  58. "this is sportscenter"
  59. Ok, I just figured out rep points
  60. Name someone you wouldnt......
  61. worst movie related to sports ever
  62. A Titan Fan, A Browns Fan & A Steeler Fan
  63. "Pet Cat for the "Cute Baby"
  64. Not to be Outdone by Seal Killing Cannucks...
  65. Give NASCAR Fans Credit...
  66. Mad Cow? Bird Flu? Here's the Next Big Thing to be Paranoid About...
  67. Steelers Figures
  68. Giant Rabbit Terrorizes English Countryside
  69. The torch has been passed.........
  70. Chainsaw Wielding Septuagenarian Terrorizes Japanese Countryside
  71. Stop and Go Radio
  72. Rep points Question?
  73. Tennessee tornadoes ..
  74. Spiderman 3 Filming in Cleveland
  75. For those who like Rap music
  76. if you a choice in how you would go......
  77. Bang cartoon of TO
  78. For the paintball Players
  79. The Nailers
  80. Car Stereo Question
  81. Check this clip out
  82. 1. Iraq 2. Iran 3. Venezuela?
  83. Watch Canadians Heads Explode!
  84. Rich Nigerian Prince emailing you?
  85. New Line of Stuffed Animals
  86. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  87. Batman vs alien vs predator
  88. South Park Strikes Back (At Tom Cruise)!
  89. Solution linked to eye Fungus
  90. Child Welfare gives Britney a Visit.
  91. We Live in a Bizarre World.
  92. Want to Join Our Sorority?
  93. This Weeks Smoking Hot Teacher Who Slee...
  94. Hottie Teacher (This one didn't fake cancer)
  95. Your Vote Counts!
  96. Top 10 Catfights Fox Sports Would Like to See
  97. Stay off this ride
  98. Electric Football League
  99. What ya drinking?
  100. check out this jagoff....
  101. Bush, Peru and 'Democracy'
  102. Happy Easter all!
  103. Tradgedy!
  104. US Plans Canadian Invasion! How Aboot That, Eh?
  105. So, Um, Ladies of SF...
  106. Cabbie plays harp, lands in Ben Folds show...
  107. It only took them 60 years...
  108. Not Happy at your Job?
  109. Just watched 61*
  110. Kirk Needs More Power, Incredible Hulk One Step Clower to Reality...
  111. WV Gov. Mansion to add "Sports Bar"
  112. Draw The Pig (Personality Test)
  113. Got a new cell phone!
  114. Can This Guy Be Any Nuttier?
  115. In 5 minutes (10:30 EST) watch a bridge get blown up live
  116. Football game coming soon
  117. Nemacolin Woodlands
  118. US top five in Sex Satisfaction
  119. tell me shes not hot
  120. Remember the Iranian "Super" Torpedo That's Been in the News?
  121. Happy 4/20, Potheads
  122. shaun alexander cover athlete for madden 07
  123. Star Trek 11 (Yes, that's eleven) Due in 2008
  124. Suffering from unexplainable headaches?
  125. Silent Hill Movie
  126. 50 worst thing to ruin music...
  127. Playstation 3 Or a New DLP Big Screen?
  128. model slugs flight attendant
  129. Keep your head up!!!
  130. "There's nothing to see here"
  131. a question ive always wanted to ask
  132. 3 gorges dam on discovery channel
  133. Since "Silent Hill" Sucked so much ass...
  134. Gas Prices Across the Country
  135. Keep going to the zoo.......
  136. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Loses 2 fans
  137. Suspended for speaking my mind.
  138. Snakes On A Plane
  139. Wondering everyone elses thoughts
  140. now,HERES a game to keep us busy!
  141. Clinic bomb victim's restitution: $57.69
  142. Remember this little punk?
  143. Warcraft game funeral raided
  144. check out this sweepstakes
  146. POW! Right in the kisser!!!
  147. "ricky bobby- talledega nights"
  148. Accident at the White House egg roll! (video)
  149. Dead Dog Live Dog
  150. Filthy Barney Video
  151. Its a frickin Novel folks......
  152. Rush Limbaugh arrested on drug case
  153. Grandma's You Gotta Love 'Em!!!
  154. Calling all poker players
  155. Sexual Harrasment At Work
  156. Super Mario Bros LIVE!
  157. Recognizing A Stroke.
  158. Man, another reason im glad im outta SC
  159. Cunfused by Immigration issues/protests...
  160. Do you want fries with that?
  161. Moussaoui: Life In Prison (no parole)
  162. Reason #6,675,437 NOT to get married
  163. Not ALL Mexicans Are Too Poor To Eat
  164. Any Old Time Arcade Gamers Out There?
  165. ACLU Does it Again
  166. Is this for real?
  167. You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me!?!?
  168. Just In Case the Star Trek Franchise MIGHT Make a Comeback...
  169. George Lucas FINALLY Gets it Right!
  170. Perhaps there's a simpler reason why our kids are so dumb
  171. Wasn't this an old Six Million Dollar Man Episode?
  172. It happens every spring...
  173. tell me we are not this sick, please
  174. Who says its a slow news day......
  175. Let's See How Well We Do...All 5th Graders SHould Know This
  176. It REALLY exists!!
  177. 5 time super bowl champion's hat
  178. This guy needs your help!
  179. My thread just becuz...
  180. I Have A Jersey Question-Nameplates
  181. Joey Porter
  182. And On The 7th Day God Created Pittsburgh
  183. Liebowitz Gets His In The Letters To The Editor!~
  184. Metal Up Your Ass!
  186. Improv Everywhere...
  187. Pizza in Ambridge
  188. Very sad story
  189. Want to learn how to levitate?
  190. 06/06/06 The Number of the Beast?
  191. Ultimate Nerd Forum (Death Star vs. USS Enterprise)
  192. Interesting...Free Energy? UFO's?
  193. The Final Exam
  194. 12 Labeless bottles of beer, can you name them?
  195. Cat & Dog
  196. First Holy Communion
  197. Pennsylvania SPorts
  198. Dumb Sports Quotes
  199. My dream truck
  200. What Time Does Your Alarm Clock Go Off?
  201. The way it should be.....
  202. Barcode Babies
  203. The Top 20 World's Thinnest Books
  204. Caption K-Fed, the ultimate victim of P-whippedness
  205. Axl, Axl, Axl.
  206. Endless joke possibilities.
  207. training to be a future professional athelete?
  208. Man Code ( joke )
  210. Stop the UN Gun Ban.....
  211. need help with a math problem
  212. Instead of posting I should be...
  213. The Person Above Me!
  214. Ask the next poster a question
  215. Panic in Hollywood!
  216. chupacabra found in new mexico
  217. Sheriff and Posse to Illegal Immigrants: "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Two of
  218. i need a Discovery Kids block
  219. Most gruesome looking sports injuries
  220. Analogies for Bengals playoff performance
  221. What was your worst dining experience?
  222. hit the jackpot with this website!!!!
  223. This or That
  224. Pet Peeves
  225. The Emperor's phone call...
  226. now dont you wish you lived here?
  227. Grandpa Bush violated Geronimo's skull
  228. Pittsburgh Has No Rivalries per Colin Cowherd ESPN
  229. Random fact
  230. And the scumbag move of the week goes to.......
  231. Another example of really poor grammar
  232. Happy Mothers day......
  233. Does it get worse than this????
  234. there is just something about this headline that makes me chuckle
  235. That's a lot of foam.
  236. Boca Raton Teahers Bikini Pics
  237. Just When You Thought it Was safe to go Back in the Water
  238. name calling game
  239. Will the Left PLEASE make up their minds?
  240. go northwestern girls soccer team!
  241. reminds me of my house growing up
  242. Favorite Player to Wear That Jersey Number Game
  243. Beach Party.....
  244. thought you'd enjoy these
  245. the ultimate in "Oh, S---!!!!"
  246. FBI Digging for Hoffa
  247. Porter quote taken out of context?
  248. Life Explained
  249. Your Birth Number (Numerology)
  250. who would win in a fight?