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  1. a new way to have your utility serviced
  2. who would you like to fight???
  3. it explains what happened in Iraq
  4. congrats danny almonte. you da man!
  5. What A Woman Means When She Says......
  6. Rolling Rock Sold!!!!!!!!
  7. Say it isn`t so....
  8. Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions in Baltisore!
  9. Iran. The 4th Reich?
  10. 100,000 posts!!!!!
  11. Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State
  12. Pastor says I cant watch Discovery Kids anymore
  13. The Italian Tomato Garden
  14. In an interesting coincidence...
  15. A lick and a promise ? and an arrest
  16. Restaurant name gets city?s panties in a wad
  17. some light Saturday morning reading
  18. The History of Math
  19. I'm Back
  20. Female/Male prayers
  21. the senior citizen
  22. Dinner
  23. Thank the Lord my God we didnt move to Charlotte
  24. An Important Public Service Announcement
  25. A Day in the Life of Carson Palmer
  26. Coffee Beans
  27. Old West phrases that will never sound the same after "Brokeback Mountain"
  28. She just loves her job!!!!!!
  29. What Is Your Pet's Name? & Why
  31. Coaching academy
  32. Economics 101
  33. Anyone watch LOST?
  35. SNAKES
  36. Baghdad ER
  37. The politically incorrect pinup Barbie thread...
  38. How Economically "Free" Are You?
  39. This is really, Really, REALLY scary!
  40. Not ALL older women having sex with teenaged boys are smoking hot...
  41. Wonder where the Insurgents/Terrorsists get their cash?
  42. optimus primed!!
  43. Need some help
  44. Man grabs Taco Bell food and runs
  45. You Know You Are From Ohio IF.................
  46. Political Correctness and Arabs/Muslims
  47. Mexican Earthquake
  48. VGER Must Join With The Creator
  49. talk about wasted geez!
  50. The Night Light
  51. Mike Holmgren's New Job
  52. This Kid is a Hero!
  53. gun stuff
  54. American Idol
  55. Todays "Most Rotten person alive" Award
  56. Muy Bien!!
  57. a guy question
  58. phew, at least he didnt say a prayer or anything..
  59. Ways To Tell Someone Their Fly Is Open. Pick Your #1 Way
  60. Video Games
  61. bowl o' heartattack!!
  62. We're gonna need a bigger boat!
  63. OWNED!!!
  64. Keep Rolling Rock In Latrobe Petition
  65. YUCK!
  66. No More "Captain of the Red Sea"?
  67. your 1st alcoholic beverage
  68. What Did You Drink That Made You Sick And You Will Never Drink It Again?
  69. 1st time you physically scared yourself
  70. Holiday Weekend?
  71. Least favorite place you have lived (in the US)
  72. Nursery Rhymes..........
  73. Oh my god is this bad....
  74. How Football is Reletive to School
  75. What Are They Smoking/Drinking In CT?
  76. yum yum
  77. Whoops! There goes my Father of the Year award.
  78. I hate Mondays
  79. It is my humble opinion
  80. Guys who drink fruity drinks
  81. VH1's top 100 of hard rock
  82. Finally, some Canadian Exports Worth Noting!
  83. Interesting...Filmakers filming actual sex.
  84. Upcoming Steeler McFarlane 6" Figures
  85. X-Men Last Stand
  86. Did you know ? California
  87. another serious social question
  88. if i only i could have found the video clip
  89. Actor Paul Gleason Dead
  90. Must see in L.A. ??
  91. this must be the Spike Lee version
  92. effen beavers
  93. "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat" Part II
  94. YUCK! Part II
  95. Rhis is why you NEVER cause trouble at the drive thru window
  96. Pre-Katrina NO had TWICE the civilian death rate of Iraq
  97. Life's a Bitch
  98. #1 song when you where born
  99. last night
  100. Its hard out there to be a blind hungarian..
  101. She's all growed up, now...
  102. Why did it take THIS long?
  103. The World's Ugliest Idiots Plan $100 Hit On Own Grandkids...
  104. Haven't Bashed the War Profiteer Mike Moore Around Lately...
  105. spelling bee highlights on sportscenter
  106. Hey Ahmadinejad and Iran!
  107. Not good...women becoming more whorish as men settle down...
  108. New "Omen" Film cursed?
  109. history of the "F" word in english language
  110. A classic baseball nutcase
  111. Bait and Switch
  112. Chris Rock's "Quote of the Year"
  113. warning... this is not a test...
  114. Logic Game
  115. I'm not even sure what to do with this...
  116. NASCAR Romance Novels?!?!
  117. All they need is to paint it red and slap an "8" on it...
  118. Why to get married in church....
  119. another candidate for father/husband of the year
  120. Bush Wants To Ban Gay Marriages
  121. Just Reported:)
  122. My 7,000 post !
  123. A Thought Provoking Quz For People Who Know Everything
  124. Things to Do If You're Ever Bored Stuck In A Hospital
  125. Suit's General Knowledge Quiz
  126. The Machinist
  127. In the great spin-off tradition of The Jeffersons...
  128. Spin-off 2: The most shameful choice for a sex partner you ever...
  129. 7 Kinds Of Sex
  130. Forget all this 6/6/06 Nonsense
  131. Since it's Kind of a Slow News Day...
  132. criminalcheck.com- do you have kids?
  133. Try This, It Will Drive You NUTS!
  134. Gotta Love This Guy LOL
  135. Great new Federal tax ideas
  136. World Cup Pick'em
  137. Add Ann Coulter to the list with Pat and Jerry
  138. Has Anyone Seen or Read Da Vinci Code?
  139. Al-Qaeda's Zarqawi killed by US aircraft.....
  140. Conscientious Objector or Coward?
  141. Cue the Gregorian Chants...
  142. Cutting-edge Pittsburgh
  143. Let's See How Far This Goes
  144. Hit me with your best shot
  145. Any Parents Notice that in Mother Goose Barney...
  146. Official good morning thread
  147. Weird: $100 "Man dolls"
  148. Cure for cancer or aids? no.........
  149. Speak English or No Service
  150. Hint (I was in a Fraternity):
  151. New on Board/Complaining Already
  152. Stolen VA Data may Have Been Erased
  153. Anybody watch Sprout? Melanie is HOT
  154. worst singers of all time
  155. Teachers these days.
  156. George Carlin the Bad American!
  157. classic moments in NY Jets history
  158. My Dad
  159. What was the last thing you bought?
  160. Say anything game.....
  161. How hot is it!!
  162. whats for dinner !!!
  163. As Dean Wermer would say...
  164. 3 Gitmo detainees commit suicide
  165. Some injured GIs decide to stay in Iraq.....
  166. I'm trying to think up a funny title for this one.
  167. My 1000th post
  168. This never gets old
  169. Paul McCartney making mashed potatoes
  170. a rare video gem- Lennon with the Stones and Clapton
  171. Why I hate Lowe's
  172. This Was In A Tampa Newspaper
  173. Stoned Reporter
  174. Hey Beatles fans- Getta loada THIS
  175. Fed up with gas prices? Ride your bike naked!
  176. I shall call it..Preparation H
  177. I have a confession to make.
  178. Email about America
  179. Priceless
  180. capture this image
  181. Where I grew up
  182. Streets renamed after fallen soldiers.....
  183. Military Deaths in Iraq reach 2,500
  184. worst motorcycle experience?
  185. Why Can't I Own A Canadian?
  186. try not to laugh
  187. Alphabetical Musicians/Musical Groups
  188. Suit's Rant Thread...
  189. Headlines 2029
  190. Redneck Alarm System
  191. I love this game!!!
  192. Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway...
  193. Police: Man severs wife's head, has crash
  194. Madden or Ncaa
  195. N. Korea denies it's about to test missile.....
  196. Two (2) American Troops Taken Prisoner
  197. Wouldja?
  198. Happy Father's Day!
  199. To adjust my attitude
  200. My FIRST 500
  201. 400 post
  202. Afghanistan Update
  203. Worst. Magazine. Ever.
  204. Quote of the Day
  205. Cure for Cancer: Vitamin C?
  206. 371 Useless Facts to Help you While Away Your Time.
  207. You Will Suffer Humiliation When The Sports Team From My Area Defeats The Sports Team
  208. Can you see it?
  209. POST #150
  210. Cars
  211. U.S. weighs shootdown of N. Korea missile.....
  212. Cop Acquitted of DWI, Wasn't Drunk Just Uneducated!
  213. New Barcelona soccer team
  214. Favorite sports in order
  215. Ode to Santonio
  216. steeler rap
  217. AT WORK?
  218. Sophie Vader
  219. I hate my Internet company
  220. The Ticket
  221. MC SECTION 514
  223. Jim Marshall for 14th REP
  224. 43,000 people lose their health insurance!!!
  225. My myspace tribute to the #1 team around the world
  226. 7 arrested in Sears Tower plot.....
  227. Alphabetical Actors/Actresses
  228. my music
  229. Finally!
  230. one of your senators doesn't live in your state!!
  231. Another Idiot Judge
  232. Where do you live?
  233. What Is Your Pregame Ritual?
  234. Car Insurance
  235. SUIT
  236. In nothing but a Steelers Jersey,.....
  238. warren buffett gives $37 billion away
  240. Elvis is a Daddy... a little girl!!
  241. Got Rain??
  242. 10 Guidelines From God
  243. Senate rejects flag desecration amendment.....
  244. MY 1,000TH POST!!
  245. Everybody say a prayer for my 1000th Post
  247. Maxim Hometown Hotties
  248. Axl Tyson Arrested
  249. Just for the record....
  250. What's Your 3 favorite Tv Programs