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tony hipchest
08-30-2006, 12:26 PM
while i am no capologist, kirwan certainly is. this article may help explain why the steelers, while appearantly under the cap now, may explore wether it is best to cut a player like duce or gardocki. (personally i dont think either will be cut unless its an absolute necessity. the f.o. is to good to have their backs put up to the wall in that way though.)

What's on the horizon for cap gurus, Branch

By Pat Kirwan
NFL.com Senior Analyst

(Aug. 28, 2006) -- By the end of this week, the rosters will be trimmed down from 80-plus in camp to the final 53, as well as an eight-man practice squad will be put in place.

Up to now, teams have been charged only for the top 51 salaries on their roster, so they need to have the cap space for more charges. Figure the salaries for the extra two players to go from 51 to 53 will cost about $1 million in salary-cap space. Figure the eight-man practice squad to cost about another $1 million in cap space. So teams need about $2 million of space for the additional 10 players.

Most teams want to enter the regular season with close to $2 million of cap space for two reasons. One, they need space if they have to sign extra players during the season if they incur injuries and have to get guys off the street or make a trade. Two, club executives might want to extend players in the last year of their contracts and avoid letting them hit the open market next winter. The risk of injury during the regular season usually is a deciding factor in the mind of a player who signs an extension during the season.

So, this time of year we could see a few renegotiations with star players to create the salary-cap space needed to head into the season in the right financial position. It is true that most teams have some extra cap space as it relates to recent years, and clubs should be able to keep the best 53-man roster without regard to salary-cap issues, but there are about six teams that might have to cut players for cap reasons.

08-30-2006, 06:16 PM
Gardocki was a quetion to me when we got him. We really didn`t improve that much, and he was older and a hell of alot more expensive. I think we just wanted to steal him away from the brownies.