View Full Version : bengals and ravens?

08-30-2006, 01:56 PM
i was watching the bengal game monday and some would say that palmer had an amazing game.....i dont think so. yeah he is a great qb but 9-14, that is bens type of stats not an ideal qb like palmer.jk. if u notice, the touchdowns were all cheezy and just bad plays by the D, whosurmommas was just bad tackling then a case of running into eachother. 3 touchdowns look good on paper but they didnt look to great on the field, im not being closed minded since im a vet steeler fan but those touchdowns would of been incomplete passes or int if they were playing a team with a good D.the interceptions and fumble recovery werent that big of deals, favre was looking for a quick pass in the flats and the ball slipped something like it will happen. the 1st int was donalds fault and the 2nd was bcause it was a 3 step drop.

with this info do u guys believe that some analyst are saying the ravens and bengals will go to the playoffs instead of us. maybe if ben dies and charlie gets injured and boyd or jacobs had to start, knock on wood. that is the only way how. i dont think the ravens are ready yet.mcnair,i wouldnt want him to start for us.

08-30-2006, 06:54 PM
Where will be Bengals be when McNair gets hurt?With Kyle Boller back under center.Kyle Boller has won Baltimore how many AFC North Championships and how many playoffs wins?Last I checked,none.

Carson looked "good".He took some hits,a few to his legs,and he got up fine.But Green Bay's defense has more holes in it than swiss cheese.A college QB can play against that defense with success.

I can't wait for us to come out and dominate...blowing more holes into Theisman's predicion that swiss cheese.

08-30-2006, 08:40 PM
GBs defense will be better with AJ Hawk but no ravens or steelers. im not sure if we play them(im gonna go check now)but we need to run for 200 and pass for 500.haha