View Full Version : Football move and down by contact?

09-19-2013, 03:51 PM
Is anyone else bothered by the fact these two rules do not apply to each other but are their own seperate entities?

e.g Polamalu's interception in the playoffs against the Colts. He caught it rolled to his feet and as he went to get up he knocked it out with his knee. Incomplete, didn't complete a football move (lets just ignore the fact it was obviously an interception lol)
Ok now take that same play and lets say a Colt touches him as he fell. He would be ruled down by contact interception.

I see this all the time and it makes no sense to me but moreso in the regard of people picking it off and getting ready to run but they're ruled down. Possession does not begin until its officially a catch therefore you cannot be considered down yet :noidea:

Things were simpler when the 'football move' didn't exist, its a huge grey area. You see a guy catch the ball and take 2-3 steps then get hammered and lose it, to me thats an obvious fumble..but nowadays they just say incomplete.