View Full Version : Lets Play Ball

03-06-2014, 08:56 AM
As much as I am excited about the recent Steelers moves, Im even more excited for baseball to start. Last year was a great ride, I live in Ohio and was able to take my Dad to two games, one on father's day and the wildcard game against the Reds. That game and atmosphere was amazing. Ive been to several sporting events including about 6 Steelers games, but I have never gotten goosebumps or been in a crowd like that.

Enough about last year, I see alot of analysts and people saying we wont be as successful this year because we barely any moves. I disagree because I think we have a great core of young players who have barely hit their prime. My biggest concern is the stability of the pitching staff. Im not sold on Grilli closing, he seemed a bit off towards the end last year. The rotation is what will make or break us this year. So far, I have Liriano, Cole, Morton, Locke, Volquez..?? If they pitch to their abilities I think we will be fine. Also curious to see if and when they call up top farm guys like Tallion and Polanco.