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03-30-2014, 09:10 AM
It looks like we may be done with Free Agent signings before the draft so the draft board is looking much clearer. The first 2 picks should be CB and WR with DE, LB, another CB, RB, and TE to follow. It's anyone's guess on the last 2 picks. I think added DLine and LB make sense.
Based on Draftmetrics averages of # picks by position by round, here is my first go at a mock this year. Depending on which Draft Boards you like the player names may be different.
1. 15. 1st/2nd ranked CB. Gilbert or Dennard
2. 46. 5th/6th ranked WR Cooks, Benjamin, or Robinson
3. 97. 10th ranked DE (DT for 34) Ferguson, Quarles, or Anthony Johnson
4. 118. 13th ranked LB. Kirksley, C. Jones, or Skov
5. 157. 18th ranked CB. Exum or Phillip Gaines
5. 173. 12th ranked RB. McKinnon, James White, or Storm Johnson
6. 192. 12th ranked TE. Rogers or Jensen
6. 215. 15th ranked DT. Added depth for DL Coleman or Stephens
7. 230. 30th ranked LB. Added depth for LB. H. Jones or Newsome.
Would not be surprised if a Kick Returner that can play a position or Punter is drafted with this last pick.

Picks 97 through 230 should provide tough competition and Special teams for us.
DE. Arnfelt/Williams 97 Ferguson, Quarles, or Anthony Johnson
LB. Carter/Garvin/Spence. 118 Kirksley, C. Jones, or Skov
CB. Smith/Green/Ventrone 157 Exum or Phillip Gaines
RB. Alvester/Maysonet/Poole 173 McKinnon, James White, or Storm Johnson
TE Paulson/Palmer 192. Rogers or Jensen
DL. Fangupo. 215. Coleman or Stephens
LB. Carter/Garvin/Spence. 230 H. Jones or Newsome

03-30-2014, 09:15 AM
great post, but I thought all along that we can and might wait until the 3rd round for a WR. I suppose it all depends on how the coaches feel about Wheaton.

I'm starting to come around to the possibility of a CB in rd. 1

03-30-2014, 09:23 AM
WR in rd 3 drops it down to the 13th ranked WR. Bryant, Ellington or Herron.
The 2nd rd pick could go DL, 5th ranked which could be Hageman or Tuitt with the 46th pick.