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05-03-2014, 08:28 PM
Round 1:
Darqueze Dennard-CB Michigan State 5'11 199- Immediate upgrade to our aging secondary. Physical Steelers type corner. Good in run-support. Eventual replacement for Ike Taylor
Round 2:
Jordan Matthews-WR-Vanderbilt 6'3 212- Not the fastest receiver in the draft but a great route runner with good body control. Good size to add to our receiving core. Broke SEC receiving records which shows he can get it done against top level talent
Round 3:
Will Clarke-DE West Virginia 6'6 271-Long athletic frame with good explosion off the edge. Could provide a pass rush element from our d-line.
Round 4:
Jordan Zumwalt-OLB-UCLA 6'4 235 Would probably be better suited to move inside in our defense but has the speed to do so. Very violent tackler. Would be a great special teams player while learning the defense and provide depth.
Round 5a:
Deandre Coleman-DT-California 6'4 314 Run clogging type player. Good upper body strength to take on double teams
De'Anthony Thomas-RB-Oregon 5'9 175 Threat to score on any play from anywhere on the field. Would take over return duties so we don't worry about Brown doing it. Also has good hands to receive passes out of the backfield
Round 6a:
Brandon Linder-OG-Miami 6'6 311 Experienced player who would provide more depth for our line which seems to suffer injuries every year
Aaron Colvin-CB-Oklahoma 5'11 177 Maybe a little undersized but has room to add some weight. Before he was injured was regarded as the best corner at the senior bowl. Good blitzer and physical corner. Not afraid to throw his body in the pile
Round 7:
Colt Lyerla-TE-Oregon 6'4 242 Aside from his legal troubles he would have been the #1 ranked Tight End in the draft this year. He is a big athletic guy with great speed for the position. Would be a good red zone threat for Ben. Get him in the locker room with our guys and he could work out for us and be a real steal.

05-05-2014, 02:24 PM
We think similarly with our mocks. Dennard, Clarke, Lyerla are all in mine too. I was also on the fence with Zumwalt. Couldn't dig up enough good game film. He was solid in what I saw. Love Coleman (best pure strength two gap run clogged in this draft) but didn't include him in mine due to taking Clarke earlier.

I'd be ecstatic with this draft. Splash picks of Matthews DAT Colt and stashing Colvin would be steals. I think realistically maybe we get one of that group where you have them targeted here.

05-05-2014, 09:41 PM
It's probably wishful thinking on my part to get some of those guys where I had them but people always reach and other players will fall. Hopefully a couple fall to us. Lyerla would be a real steal in the draft. He is similar to gronk and if he stays out of trouble it would definitely be worth a pick in the late rounds. Thanks for your input its always good to see what other people think about the draft

05-06-2014, 03:38 PM
Colt is a fantastic athlete. The real height weight speed type our offense lacks. He needs refinement though, even as a football player. He played in short rhythm type sets for the ducks and was even optioned out of the backfield a ton. He rarely went down the seam or blocked. Then there is the off the field problems. If any organization can give him a solid fighting chance at turning things around I think it is here. Ben, Heath, Tomlin, Rooney...it's a stable place. That's what he needs.