View Full Version : Report Card from the trenches.

09-08-2006, 12:06 AM
A pretty tight & tough (ugly) game in the very beginning. Neither offense did much in the 1st quarter. Offensive Line played great. Good to see Willie keep chipping at it, after not getting much on the first 10-15 carries. Charlie (Chaz) Batch played great (minus the fumble). Defense was stellar! Holding Ronnie Brown to 30 yds on 15 carries is a 5-star effort! Only area of concern is special teams: the kickoff return (Santonio Holmes taking the kick out at the 4???!!!), the muffed reception that was eventually recovered by Colclough in the 1st, the 47 yard punt return by Welker, the missed field goal by Reed. The score would've been much different without the return by Welker as that set the fish up on the 15. Course the score would've been much more different without the fumble.

Todays final grade: B+ (the poor play on special teams brought the overall performance down).

Hey the Steelers were trailing 17-14 going into the 4th quarter, guess Chaz Batch can chalk this up as the 1st come from behind victory of the season.

Anyone opposed to the thought of Ben sitting out the Jax game? He looked mighty skinny. That boy needs a sandwich or 4.

We're having Fish tonight!!!