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09-13-2006, 08:09 PM
I can't choose so instead,.... i'll list the players i hold in the highest regard. In no particular order,....

Jack Lambert
Greg Lloyd

"Hail Caesar,.....Hail the Black and Gold"

Black@Gold Forever32
09-13-2006, 08:29 PM
When I was younger my favorite Steelers were Rod Woodson and Greg Lloyd. I always was a big Darren Perry fan also. I wasn't alive for the Curtain. So I really can't comment on those players as my favorites. But favorite Steelers of alltime for me. This is real hard.

I would have to say in no order.

Rod Woodson, Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward and Alan Faneca

But Ben Roethlisberger is high up there for me as well. But you have to understand I have been a fan of Ben before he was a Steeler. I was praying he would fall to us in the 2004 draft. Still shocked he did.

09-13-2006, 08:34 PM
Haven't we done this before?

09-13-2006, 08:36 PM
I own 2 jerseys. Jack Lambert and Ben Roethlisberger.

09-13-2006, 10:21 PM
I own 2 jerseys. Jack Lambert and Ben Roethlisberger.

I only own 2 also. Lambert and Kordell. If you'd like to trade your Roethlisberger jersey for my Stewart, let me know. :sofunny:

09-14-2006, 06:16 AM
Kordell jersey for a Big Ben jersey.. that is seriously funny
my favorites... and yes we have done this already.. I started the thread prob about a month ago...
my favorites
Carnell Lake
Rod Woodson and The Bus because what he has done for us..
also considered..
TE Eric Green
LB Kevin Greene
LB Levon Kirkland
RB Franco Harris
S Mel Blount

09-14-2006, 06:28 AM
Haven't we done this before?

Yes we have, but we can't ever give our Steelers enough lovin! :bouncy:

Favorite all time would have to be Mr. Dobre Shunka - Jack Ham. I loved his style of play and that little lisp was adorable -LOL! I have so many Steelers favorites it would take me a week to post them all. :cool:

09-14-2006, 08:14 AM
Hines Ward, best reciever that ever played the game.

09-14-2006, 08:24 AM
:sofunny: :sofunny: :sofunny: Jamain Stephens:sofunny: :sofunny: :sofunny:

If you remember this FAT PIECE OF WORK...you are a true fan!!!!!

09-14-2006, 09:07 AM
I used to own a Kordell jersey. I gave that one to my then 5 year old son. He likes it. Since then I can say I don't "own" it anymore.

09-14-2006, 12:05 PM
Hines Ward, best reciever that ever played the game.

I'm hoping that was sarcasm..lol.

I'd have to go with Jack Ham.

09-14-2006, 12:14 PM
SWANNY!!!! :jammin:

09-14-2006, 12:31 PM
I can create one heck of a list. I'll just post my #1, which is Rod Woodson.

09-14-2006, 12:37 PM
Can't say I have just one either, so here's my list:

Harris (my crush on him is how I became a Steeler fan in the first place)
Swann (had serious hops!)
Greene (he was Mean Joe...nuff said!)
Blount (one hard-hittin' dude!)
Thigpen (great receiver...not to mention a hottie!)
Lloyd (mean...just....mean)
Bettis (my heart :heart: )

And favorite current Steelers: Big Ben, Ward, Troy

09-14-2006, 02:47 PM
Ill narrow mine down to the top 4
James Harrison
Chidi Iwuoma
Arnold Harrison
Greg Warren

09-14-2006, 02:54 PM
Ill narrow mine down to the top 4
James Harrison
Chidi Iwuoma
Arnold Harrison
Greg Warren

ummmmm...........:huh: ..........special teams kinda guy huh?

09-14-2006, 03:10 PM
ummmmm...........:huh: ..........special teams kinda guy huh?

haha yeah they are my boys. I really hope that they bring back chidi.

09-14-2006, 03:16 PM
The 2 Jacks!!

Lambert is the man -- best scene of all time -- Lambert tossing Cliff Harris in Super Bowl X
and his exact opposite in terms of mood swings -- Mr Jack Ham -- I wore his number and played his position on every team I was on...

Da Question
09-14-2006, 04:24 PM
bam morris (minus the problems)
barry foster
kordell when he was slash ( disliked him as our qb)

many more jus some of the top the head.

09-14-2006, 05:57 PM
<----- Look at my name...that says it all. Although, I do have jerseys of Lambert, Harris, Bradshaw, Greene, Ham, Greenwood, Polamalu and of course Bussy.

09-14-2006, 08:39 PM
I think my avatar and sig tell you that.

Only Jersey I own is a Lambert.

Ham, Bettis, Rocky Bleir, Harris, and Donnie Shell are my favorites.

09-16-2006, 07:12 PM
I don't know if I could choose a favorite Steeler of all time. It would have to be several. I won't mention any of the Steel Curtain players since I'm only 20. But I would have to say that my favorites are:

Jerome Bettis-I have respect for this man for the fact that he ran for that many yards while being as big as he is. He was the heart of our franchise from the time he got here till the time he left, and I will miss seeing him in uniform.

Joey Porter-What could you not like about the big plays (i.e. sacks, forced fumbles, interceptions) that he delivers year in and year out.

James Farrior-I know he hasn't always been a Steeler, but he is a passionate leader along the types of Ray Lewis, just not as verbal and loud.

Casey Hampton-What more can I say than the fact that we would not be able to play a 3-4 if not for him.

Hines Ward-Gotta love a reciever that hits like a fullback. He is a true throwback to the recievers of old. Not flashy, but gets the job done and strikes fear into the hearts of DBs when he is blocking on run plays.

Alan Faneca-One of the best Offensive linemen ever to don the Steelers uniform. One of the best, if not the best offensive guards in football.

Big Ben- I gotta love a quarterback that doesn't lose us the game. He continually takes care of the ball while doing what they ask him. I liked him at Miami of Ohio.

Troy Polamalu-All I will say is that he is one of the best safeties in the game today.

Those were the current Steelers that I like, so here are the former ones.

Levon Kirkland-Great run stuffer, which is what I want in a Steelers LB.

Greg Lloyd-Continued the great tradition of Steelers LB.

Kendrell Bell-When healthy, he was, in my opinion, one of the best pass rushing MLBs of all time. Also could tear up a running play.

Ernie Mills-Just because I graduated from the same High School that he did. (Dunnellon HS, Dunnellon, FL.)

BlacknGold Bleeder
09-16-2006, 07:58 PM
You guys make me feel really old.. hardly any of the 70's boys.

Kolb, the original bare armed BEAST!!
Rocky,ya got to have loved his heart

09-16-2006, 08:32 PM
I'm 19, so not too many old ones here:

Big Ben = You can't ignore a rookie season like he had and only with his help, we were able to get number 5. His fighting spirit and undeniable potential put him at #1 for me.

Bettis = Through gradeschool up until last year (freshmen year in college), I've seen people wearing this jersey week in and week out. He's a staple of Steelers football and epitomizes everything it's about.

Troy = Fun to watch. Bustling with talent.

Hines = always a smile on his face as he blocks and catches. Also has the same nostalgia-factor as Bettis.

Lambert = Fun to watch like Troy

Bradshaw = Manned the helm to win FOUR Super Bowls

10-01-2006, 11:32 AM
This is a easy question for me... Hes the man who made me a Steeler fan for life... I used to sit on my dads knee on Sundays and watch the game, my dad is a Packer fan and had hopes that I too would be, but this was the 70s... and the Steelers dominated back then... I remember just sitting in awe of him. Still to this day I get tears in my eyes watching the old games, and kinda wishing I could go back just one sunday and sit in my dads lap in front of the old tube and watch them play.. espeically my boy... "Franco Harris #32", forever remembered by many for the "Immaculate reception"... but always remembered by me for everything he did!