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09-15-2006, 11:23 PM
Special teams working out kinks

By Scott Brown
Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hearing Mike Logan talk about the special teams breakdowns that occurred in the Steelers' season opener, it's a wonder he was able to watch them on tape.
"If you weren't feeling sick about it," Logan said, "then something is wrong."

The Steelers better hope they have righted their punt coverage by Monday night.

The Steelers visit Jacksonville 8:30 p.m. Monday, and all week, players and coaches have talked about how similar the teams are and how not much separates them on the field.

One thing that could be the difference, as each tries to improve to 2-0, is a big play on special teams.

The Steelers allowed a few of those against Miami, including a 47-yard punt return by Wes Welker that set up the Dolphins' first touchdown.

Welker piled up 79 yards on just three returns, and his performance at Heinz Field still had Logan stewing almost two weeks after the fact.

For that very reason, Steelers coach Bill Cowher probably didn't have to say much to Logan and others on the punt coverage team, since he couldn't be any harder on them than they have been on themselves.

Cowher did accept some of the responsibility for the shaky showing by the punt coverage team, saying he hadn't played enough of the regulars on that unit together during the preseason.

"Coach kind of gave us an excuse, saying a lot of guys weren't out there in the preseason, which is true," Logan said, "but as a guy who is a captain of the special teams and takes that role very seriously, I put some of the onus on myself."

Logan and special teams captains Clint Kriewaldt and Sean Morey talk often on the sidelines after kickoff and punts, and they have probably been vocal during special teams' meetings this week.

"That's not us," Kriewaldt said of the punt coverage team's showing against Miami. "A lot of it was just missed tackles. We might have been a little rusty, but we know what to do."

They'll get a chance to show that against a somewhat unproven punt returner.

Chad Owens won the job coming out of Jacksonville's training camp last year, but then, he lost it, along with his spot on the active roster, after some early fumbling problems.

The good news for Owens: He's back returning punts for the Jaguars.

The potentially bad news for Owens, who had 30 yards on four returns last week: He'll find himself in the crosshairs of 11 angry men Monday night.

"We're known as a tough, physical football team, and we've got to carry that over to all three phases of the game," Logan said. "Some of our techniques weren't executed correctly (against Miami), but it's a pride thing."

"We had a great week of practice," Morey said, "and we're going to continue to iron some stuff out (today) and hit the field on Monday night just flying."


09-16-2006, 03:03 PM
i really only feel that our only problem is speed, mike logan, anthony smith and if colcough plays on ST then they are our fastest guys, next season we need to draft a 6th or 7th round pick that has 4.3-4.4 speed and is a descent tackler. maybe draft two. we just dont have speed on our ST. defensively, but offensively we just need to take colcough off and keep holmes or add reid, that is why we drafted him.

09-16-2006, 03:06 PM
i read where Reid will be decativated for most of the season since we kept Morey on the roster and he is our 6th receiver so Reid is expendable and will be activated only during certain times...