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09-19-2006, 05:05 PM
USC is Back on Top. Michigan charges forward. Auburn holds. It lasted a week but it's not OSU and then everyone else anymore.

A Cajun at QB and a Texan at tailback and New Brunswick monster at wideout??? And the next NFL Pro Bowl USC linebacker is...REY MAUALUGA :jawdrop:

Patience in proclaiming USC as the serious NC contender until after the beat down of the proud Cornhusker program is over. I contend that the Trojans are as deep with blue chip talent - if not deeper - than any program in America. I won't bore you Buckeye faithful with the long list of super-fast strong hard-hitting contributors from these last two games.

But! The sophomore Rey Maualuga is firmly in the footsteps of Lofa Tatupu except that Rey at 6-3 is taller and at 250 lb. possibly even stronger and faster than Lofa at that point in his career.

The Trojan defense is not a few one-trick ponies but rather a stable full of future NFL draft picks. Young? Indeed. But learning fast in what is arguably the best college defensive system which gave up a stingy 1.9 yards per carry against NU.

The offense doesn't have the Ferrari-feel of last year. This is a scrappy but lethal group. The anti-Leinart QB - Louisiana John David Booty - has proven he has a much stronger arm and perfect calm at the helm. And Smith and Jarrett along with McFoy and Turner are the premiere receiver corp in America - not to mention the five true freshman lerking on the depth chart.

Coppell, Texas freshman Emmanuel Moody (yeah Texas) and his 7.8 yrd average and 26 long is the heir-apparent at tailback. And Chauncey Washington's bull-headed style is emerging in timely fashion.

And kicker Van Blarcom...good luck getting out of the endzone.

10-01-2006, 11:40 PM
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One word.....