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09-19-2006, 04:46 PM
Arkie asked me to post these pics for him from the Steelers/Dolphins game. Great pics Arkie - thanks for sharing them with us! :tt02: I'll let him give the details on the pics - take it away Arkie! :thumbsup:





09-19-2006, 04:56 PM
The first pic is me trying out for the team I missed the feild goal but had nice form.

The 2nd picture is me and Mrs ARKIESTEEL waiting outside the hotel bar

The 3rd picture from right to left is Me Dom Steph from D.C Mrs ARKIESTEEL and her new cowboy hat then you got Eric from cali and last but not least Big Bad Ron from way down in Texas that I meet at the Houston game 2 years ago We run into each at the hotel bar and set right back into drinking just like we was in Texas

The 4th picture is Big Ron me in the middle Dom down in front and all the way to the right is STEELHOSS from canucklestan The other guys told me their names but that was before we set into that bottle of jack you see one of them holding

Thanks to HTG for helping this country boy with this crazy box to get the Pictures up

Thanks to Dom for the best Tailgate I ever been too

Thanks to all the fine folks from Pittsburgh who made me feel like I been there all my life

But most of all thanks to the Steeler nation that shows all the love to all in the black and gold the way they should


09-19-2006, 04:57 PM
What great pics Arkie! Thanks for sharing them!!! And what a beautiful wife! You all look like you had a great time at Dom's tailgate! :thumbsup:

09-19-2006, 05:04 PM
Great pics Arkie. Glad to hear you and the wife had a great time.

09-19-2006, 07:34 PM
Nice pics Arkie. Glad yas had a great time. Looking forward to yas coming back again some time.

09-19-2006, 07:38 PM
once again , awesome- arkie I think that you and I are alot alike. let me know what you get back to the burgh or you come around the Carolina's we should get together for a game!!!

great pics!

09-21-2006, 10:12 PM
Wondeful pictures Arkie and such kind remarks. HTG is a sweetheart, Dom is one of the nicest guys anyone would ever want to meet, your wife is drop dead beautiful and I gotta agree with you the Steeler Nation Rules!~

:tt02: :tt02: :tt02: :tt02: :tt02: :tt02: :tt02: :tt02: :tt02: :tt02: :tt02:


09-26-2006, 09:11 AM
Thanks for all the nice replys to our game pictures. We are talking about trying to make 2 games next year, so if that is the case one of them will surely be a home game and I think the other is the Rams at home.