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07-08-2005, 12:17 AM
NFL training camps were once wide-open to the public. Used to be you could wave to Darrell Green as he rod his bike from the Redskins' practice field back to his dorm at Dickinson College in bucolic Carlisle, Pa., or bump into him in line at Massey's Custard Stand just off campus. Now, that Washington trains at its locked-down northern Virginia facility, fans might see LaVar Arrington wave from his Hummer. Might.Fourteen teams still train in places that allow fans to interact with players. I've traveled to camps nationwide since 1988, and it wasn't easy picking my top five. But here goes:

1. Steelers (St. Vincent's College, Latrobe, Pa.): Never mind the Rolling Rock Brewery is four miles from campus, and offers tours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. (They have a fine brewery restaurant they've got there, by the way.) But you may not want to leave this campus of rolling hills and cornfields. Get to St. Vincent's, an hour east of Pittsburgh, early in the morning -- Bill Cowher still loves the ol' two-a-days -- and soak it in. You'll be entranced by the fog rising up from the Laurel Highlands. You'll love the view south from the hill overlooking the practice fields, where it seems like you can see clear down to Maryland. You'll probably run into one of the Benedictine monks who still live on campus. If you're lucky, you'll witness the best live action at any training camp at one of the four or five afternoon practices that end with a live goal-line drill. Seven plays, full pads, 11 on 11. Collision city. Great stuff. Watch Joey Porter try to clean Jerome Bettis' clock. And post-practice, it's an autograph-fest. No prima donnas here, just signers. "It doesn't get any better than this," Mr. Throwback, Cowher, told me a couple of summers ago. "This is football, classic football. I know there's been a lot said recently about where teams practice, and some teams are going back to their facilities to have training camp. But look at this place. How can football get better than this? Four weeks of being together, no distractions, everything within walking distance. Nothing but football. Nothing."

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Nice to see our camp make this list. Steelers training camp is always a blast and the campus is beautiful.

07-08-2005, 11:10 AM
Made the list?....we were #1. :cool: That sounded awesome, I would love to go....It's funny, I have never been to Latrobe, but I have been to Georgetown KY to see the Bengals camp twice. I only went because a bunch of my friends were going, but it turned out to be pretty cool.

07-08-2005, 01:20 PM
The Steelers have been at Latrobe longer than any other team has been at thier present site.

07-08-2005, 07:57 PM
with a live goal-line drill

Man u just gotta love the goal line drills.. that's where Kendrell made his name, knocking by jerome several years back. That's where McFadden is gonna shine too, on a corner blitz... u watch ! just please, dont kill ben, we need him later on :D