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09-24-2006, 12:04 AM
Q&A: Super Clark still flying

By Scott Brown
Sunday, September 24, 2006

Clark Haggans made his first career interception Monday night against the Jaguars. What could have been a memorable moment turned into a footnote as the Steelers lost, 9-0, at Alltel Stadium. The pick, nonetheless, added another chapter to Haggans' improbable story. He has gone from a walk-on at Colorado State to starting linebacker for a reigning Super Bowl champion.

Q: Why were you overlooked coming out of high school?

A: I don't know; I guess I stunk. I didn't have any scholarship offers, Division I-A, Division II, nothing. I was planning on just going to school but John Skladany, he's the defensive coordinator at Iowa State right now, he came and checked me out and he just said 'I think you might want to walk on and play some football, son, because I think you can play.' I just gave it a shot at Colorado State where he was coaching, and the rest is history.

Q: Was there a moment you realized you could play in this league?

A: The first person I saw after the Steelers drafted me was Joey (Porter). Just talking to him, and he knew what I could do, it made me realize that I can actually play.

Q: How will you remember your first career interception?

A: It's just an interception. If it was an interception that won the game and confetti fell from the sky, fireworks went off, it would have been a lot bigger than that. You might remember it here and there but it's nothing big, especially when you lost.

Q: You and Joey were also teammates at Colorado State. What's something people don't know about him?

A: The name of his first car that he had in college. It was a Honda held together by staples and paper clips, and he called it the 'Ashy Blue.' The car was just beat up, and the paint job was real ashy. It was a blue car, and even if you dumped water on the hood, it wasn't shiny. It was terrible but it got him around.

Q: Who is the best-looking Colorado State alumnus in the Steelers' locker room.

A: Me. I'm way, way cooler and better looking than (Porter) is.