View Full Version : How The Heck Did Miami Have So Many People Fooled?

10-06-2006, 01:04 PM
They have alot of weapons in Chambers, Brown and even Culpepper is legitimate even after the injury. But the Offensive line.....and this is huge......Stinks. They stunk last year, they stink this year and if you put the same collection of stiffs out there next year, they'll still stink.

Team with lousy offensive lines don't win games. Look at Arizona, Fitzgearld, Boldin, James and Warner are great. Oliver Ross and company stink.
Bottom line bad offensive lines lose ball games. Period.

I thought the Dolphins could push the Patriots for the AFC East title. But at 1-3, Miami will
be hard-pressed to push for a playoff spot now.

Another team that went out and got receivers, etc is Detriot. Of course they have noone to protect the quarterback, it amazes me that these teams say they are "rebuilding" and get all the positions filled except the O-line. Which to me, the rebuilding process should START at the offensive line. Then build around it.


Atlanta Dan
10-06-2006, 02:27 PM
A lot of fans bought the preseason hype about Culpeper's "remarkable" recovery.

Based on what I have seen, he still throws the ball up in a crowd under pressure. What has changed is that he no longer has Randy Moss at the other end of those throws and now is easier tp pressure since it looks as if he could not win a foot race against Casey Hampton.

Taking Drew Brees instead of Culpeper would have required the Dolphins to guess that Culpeper was less likley to recover from knee surgery than Brees was likely to recover from rotator cuff surgery - the Dolphins guessed wrong.

10-06-2006, 02:37 PM
Stick a fork in Culpepper - he is done -- they were picked as a favorite because they won their last 6 games -- they were seen as a team on a roll with a good coach -- all they needed was a stud at QB and they would be SB contenders -- Daunte was good when he had a great Oline, Robert Smith (one of the most underrated rbs in nfl history), Moss, Carter, etc -- Miami lost Williams - who came on strong at the end of last year - so now they have no running game and an avg QB who has lost a step -- not to worry though - Harrington will be coming in any game now :)