View Full Version : Ask The "Bus" part 1

07-14-2005, 02:29 PM

As a running back, is it easier to break tackles in the snow or would you prefer a clear dry day?

I prefer a clear, dry day for sure.

Of all the players you have had the pleasure of being on the same team with, who do you admire the most and why?

Barry Sanders. I played in the Pro Bowl with him on the same team. It?s just his humility. Being as great a player as he was, he was so humble. It showed me what I should do. I got to play with him my rookie year and I think he became my role model in the sense of humility.

When you do retire, would you move to broadcasting?

No question. I would love to.

Would you consider coaching running backs in the NFL?

Never. I have no patience. It?s amazing what Coach (Dick) Hoak does.

Would you ever consider hitting the Pro Bowling tour?

Yes I would.

I have a little problem with question #2, he played one game with Sanders. Only one. He couldn`t have come up with a Steeler name? I understand Barry making a huge impression on Jerome. But he goes to the battle field week after week with some pretty admirable players also.