View Full Version : New poem - 10/15/06

10-13-2006, 06:22 PM
Last week we played San Diego - wearing their powder blues
When they wear those jerseys - the Chargers usually lose

I don't know what that stat is - but they don't do very well
Neither did we last week - and to 1 and 3 we fell

The game started off pretty good - we had a 10 pt lead
Thanks to a couple field goals by kicker Jeff Reed

Najeh Davenport finally made an entrance in the game
That not happening sooner really is a shame

The way the season's going - we're taking a hard route
We must get back to what Steeler football is all about

We're a running team and we have to get back to it
We still have plenty of guys left to help us do it

We have a quarterback to lead us even when times are tough
We're just so used to winning - not this losing stuff

What happened to our Steelers - the ones who won the rings?
The season's far from over - we'll see what next game brings

The Steelers come back to play the Chiefs in front of a home field crowd
No matter what happens we will always be proud

We love our Pittsburgh Steelers - we all bleed Black & Gold
Come on guys - we need a win - writing about losses is getting old

10-13-2006, 11:09 PM
great poem, ur poems get better and better everytime.