View Full Version : Cardinals should hire Russ Grimm

tony hipchest
10-18-2006, 11:10 AM
not that i want to see him go, but this seems like a perfect place for him to go be a head coach, after all, offensive lines are his specialty and the cardinals greatest weakness.

edgerrin james once looked like a lock to be one of the all time top 5-10 yard gainers. could he have possibly ruined a possible shot at the H.O.F.?

and i gotta give props to tony kornhiser. he earned his stripes on monday night. everybody mustve thought he was crazy when he mentionned that if the cardinals blew the lead and ended up losing it would be a disaster that would wreck their whole season. at the time they were still up by 17 or 20 and i dont thinking anyone even thought a comeback was possible. seconds later chicago scored on their 1st of 3 returns.

kornhiser admittedly doesnt know all the ins and outs of football but brings a "fans perspective" to the booth.

heres the opinion of someone (peter king) who knows all the ins and outs, that shows how prescient tonys comments just might be.

As horrible a franchise as Arizona is, it has reached a new low. An all-time low. The Cardinals' Monday-night performance was one of the biggest choke jobs in sports history. If you didn't see it, you won't believe it. I don't see how Dennis Green can recover from this and keep his job. I don't see how Edgerrin James can recover from this, this season, and be anything but a massively disappointing millionaire. And I don't see how Neil Rackers can show his face in Arizona without getting pelted by tomatoes.

like i said, i think if russ grimm is available the cardinals may fire green for him regardless if he and the team recovers.