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10-22-2006, 08:08 PM
I was at the game today in ATL (club level seats 45 yard line ... pretty baller i must say) great game, but anyways ... after 6 games we have a 2-4 record, 3rd in our division, lost tie breakers to 2 conference opponents and seem to be lacking an identity. Some thoughts about the season so far


run game- The only thing that parker has showed me this season is that he can't produce against the better defenses of the NFL, with atlanta missing their best DE, injured on both the line and at LB, he couldn't get anything going. This needs to be a top priority this offseason (finding a compliment for parker, whether through the draft or FA).

passing- It looks like b-roth has found his swagger,although this most recent injury that sidelined him for the majority of the second half could be a problem, most likely not though. our recievers seem to be coming into their own a little better. Getting open for them is definitely NOT the problem, putting the ball on the ground and some suspect hands are though. I saw two drops today by miller and ward, i think another one from nate??? And then there's santonios fumble. speaking of Miller, where has he been this whole year, I mean if your going to spend a first round draft pick on the top TE in the draft you might as well use him more than an average of what? 2.5 catches a game? I think a lot of this is due to some of the play calling (was anyone else here a little annoyed about 45 seconds left, 3 timeouts, and kneeling it for the half? 3 pts would have won this game)

Our o-line is doing a good enough job, it seems like they have been playing poor at times but make up for it with performances like last week vs. KC. Hartings is no longer the probowler he once was, that is for sure.


D-line-What happened to all the "kiesel the diesel" blah blah. We simply can't get enough penetration. Although I think the real problem lies elsewhere (see linebackers)

LB's-Where do I start? last time i checked, weren't the LB's in a 3-4 supposed to be the cornerstone of the defense??? Now I know we've been missing peezy the last couple weeks, but our penetration is just pathetic. Age is going to start becoming a hugeeeeeee factor. This is something I hope we address day 1 next year in the draft. Assuming peezy is gone, this puts our LB core with farrior,hagans,foote, and??? i know farrior is atleast 31, hagans about the same if im not mistaken, maybe a little younger. Foote is foote. They need to make a statement soon.

secondary- pretty good in man, terrible in zone. will someone on that staff please wake the F*ck up and give anthony smith a shot. unreal how bad our safties (minus troy) are performing. Taylor talks a pretty good game but he gives up way too many big plays. Mcfadden shows promise at times, but also gives up a big play here and there (but hey, taylor is a second year starter in reality, mcfadden not even that. A lot of people really jumped on the taylor bandwaggon this past season but I don't think that many know that he was the most thrown at Corner in the NFL ... true story. they just simply didnt respect him. this unit is young but the least of my worries

now i know that some of this sounds a little harsh, but we keep playing hard and then gift wrapping W's for other teams .... turnovers, the big plays ... it makes my stomach turn ... what do you guys think?

10-22-2006, 08:19 PM
We need som more depth at LB.Why doesn't Davenport get to play more. I'd put him in on goal line before Willie. I want to see more of A.Smith too.