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07-19-2005, 03:38 AM
Tuesday, July 19, 2005

By Chuck Finder, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Peter Diana, Post-Gazette
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban watches the Pirates play the Astros last night at PNC Park.
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Everybody in PNC Park last night was desperately seeking Mark Cuban. Not just the television cameras: KDKA, WPGH, WTAE with Andrew Stockey, WPXI with a rare ballpark appearance by John Fedko and Fox Sports Net Pittsburgh. Lots of fans also were searching for the billionaire boy owner in the crowd of 17,590, which his Dallas Mavericks attract on an off night, of which they have few.

There was the guy with the rubber Baseball Head mask and the "Vote 4 Cuban" banner on the left-field rotunda. There were the Section 140 folks with the white-cardboard sign pleading "Mr. Cuban, Please Buy Our Bucs!," and small print wishing, "On Sale Now." And there were the fellas from the Homer City High baseball team standing in the last row of a right-field section with "Let's Go Bucs!" painted on their chests and "Where's Cuban" on their backs.

Alas, the South Hills savior didn't buy the team last night, nor might he anytime in the near future. His weekend-long mantra maintained that he would come to the fiscal rescue only if the club was in danger of moving or being sold. Neither of those are in the offing, Pirates managing general partner Kevin McClatchy stated. Thus, for Cuban and his entourage of old Mt. Lebanon High School buddies, last night was simply an evening to take in a ballgame, shake a few hands, sign some autographs and leave before the top of the ninth of a 11-1 loss to the Houston Astros.

The question that remained for most of the night, though: Where's Cuban, exactly?

He told reporters in Chicago that he would be in the center-field seats, causing quite a ruckus near Section 140 at game's start last night, with cameras hovering and folks sure he was coming. Then somebody thought they saw him on the Adecco Deck.

What was this, Where's Waldo?

Finally, he was cited: the security-heightened Home Plate Club. There sat Cuban, alongside old buds Todd Reidbord, Stu Chaban, Steve Rosen and the gang, in the same Section 17 where McClatchy sits.

When Fox Sports Net Pittsburgh and the Post-Gazette separately requested to interview him, Cuban uttered something rare and different for him: He declined to comment.

Should we be worried? Is this a good thing? Would we move? It would be nice to have an owner with some cash. But don`t move our Bucs.

07-19-2005, 09:38 AM
It would be nice for someone with some cash to own the Pirates. I think they would find that if they put a better team on the field the fans would show up.

07-19-2005, 10:19 AM
Yeah, If the season was only 82 games we would probably go out more often, but its too long to keep going out to see 11-1 losses. We have shown that we can pack the new park as opposed to old 3 Rivers coming up a few thousand shy even in the NLCS so it would be a nice buy for someone more willing to spend say 70 mil a year instead of 35. guess its like saying should I spend 35 to make 5 mil profit, or Cuban to say I'll spend 70 million to make 10 mil profit.

07-19-2005, 04:53 PM
Agreed , alot of owners have money. The difference is Cuban will spend it. You couldn`t be more right ICC

07-20-2005, 12:18 AM
I think it would be good for Cuban to buy it as long as he didn't move them out of Pittsburgh. I definitely don't want to see them move.

07-20-2005, 10:34 AM
I wouldn't want them to move either, and I don't want it to seem like I want someone to throw money at the problem. I just like how Cuban doesn't rest. Always wheeling and dealing(which is why I like our Pirates now, cause we always get 1 or 2 new faces which pass the time between noticing we are losing again.) Its just Cuban vs. McClatchy is a landslide by a couple more zeros and decimal places, and commas after the dollar sign. Maybe instead of Redman and Lawton, we get a chance at a those higher $ free agents we wanted but couldn't bid on. Also, Cuban has definitely created a buzz in Dallas with his team that we need back in the 'burgh with the Bucs.

07-21-2005, 05:50 PM
Exactly right ICC, and he is a fans owner, and a players owner. His players live the life of luxury. And the fans just eat this guy up. He sits with them , emails them and works a DQ now and then. I vote Cuban.