View Full Version : kind of ironic ...

The JoKeR
10-29-2006, 06:37 PM
While it's kind of ironic, it also sucks. The steelers go on the road and become the first team in nfl history to win 3 straight road games en route to a superbowl title. Now the Steelers can't even win a game on the road against the lowly raiders. It seems every time Ben gets in rythym, he hits another setback. As soon as he started playing well, he gets a concussion and then comes out and throws 4 int's. The season STILL isn't over, but with the saints and denver coming up, it's a REALLY far fetched idea that the steelers will make the playoffs. I will still be in front of the tv on sundays rooting for them though :tt02: Now I must go to deal with the raiders fans in the area lol