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10-30-2006, 02:28 PM
John R. (Jack) McGinley, part owner of Steelers, dies
Monday, October 30, 2006

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

John R. (Jack) McGinley, whose family has owned part of the Pittsburgh Steelers for more than 60 years, died Sunday evening after a short battle with cancer. He was 85.

McGinley's father, Barney, purchased 42 percent of the team in the 1940s. Barney McGinley's four children, including Jack, each inherited 10.5 percent of the team. When two of Jack's siblings died, the Rooney family bought their shares. Jack and his sister Rita each owned 10.5 percent of the Steelers; the other 79 percent is split among the five sons of team founder Art Rooney Sr.

Jack McGinley was married to the Chief's sister, who died in 2003.

In a March interview with the Post-Gazette, McGinley recalled working for the Steelers and the Rooney-McGinley boxing club.

"After I graduated from Pitt in '41, I did the publicity for the boxing club and the football team. We had the football and boxing in the same office," McGinley said. "We had two rooms in the Fort Pitt Hotel, and they weren't very big. We had fight tickets in one drawer and football tickets in the other. We didn't have the crowds you do now. There were only two of us; a fellow by the name of Joe Carr, he was the ticket manager for both the fights and the football. It was a different world."

He said that owning part of the Steelers had been great fun.

"I traveled for years and years. I'd go to exhibition games. Never missed an away game for years. I had some wonderful times."

He didn't travel to the Super Bowl in Detroit in February, but was pleased with the success of the team last season.

"When you get older, it's not life and death anymore," he said. "It was very enjoyable, but you don't die when they get beat. It was a great season. This was a terrific football team, I thought. I never gave up on them. Here's a team that won 15 games last year, and they had some key guys hurt. Ben was hurt, the wrong guys were hurt. Once they got the team on the field, they played well. I thought they were sensational in the playoffs, great games, great for the fans."

He was also a partner in Wilson-McGinley, Inc., the Strip District wholesaler for Miller and Heineken beers in Allegheny County.