View Full Version : Southern Cali Radio Station Brings up Steelers and the Fans

11-03-2006, 10:09 PM
This morning at work I was listening to KROQ, I enjoy their radio show in the morning as it can be very funny. They had a guest on this mornings show, I tuned in a bit too late to know who this guy is. He said he was orginally from Pittsburgh, so that caught my attention. The hosts, Kevin and Bean, then quickly said, "So you must be a Steeler Fan". Then my boss came to ask me a question, lost track of his exact words, but he said fair weather fan or bandwagon fan. I believe it was fair weather fan. This brought up the Steelers record this year with a few chuckles, along with the lose to the raiders. The guest said he went to the Steelers vs Raiders game, and that the Raiders Fans are nothing compared Steeler Fans, that they are way more scary. Fan topic brought up how Steelers fans tailgated at the hospital when Ben got hurt, how lame it is to tailgate at a hospital when people are dying of cancer, ect. The guest than said how Steeler Fans will show up to tailgate early in the am for a pm game. The hosts said Pittsburgh fans have nothing else to do. Another "fact", how Pittsburgh's domestic violence rates go up when they lose. Then the quote that ticked me off some, from the hosts, "Glad I don't have to say I am from Pittsburgh"! Not sure what the hell there problem is with Pittsburgh, other small comments about the city being the arm pit of the USA have been made this season. I wanted to call in and talk about how wonderful the city is, Steelers, and the best fans, but I was at work and didn't want to get too fired up. This just really annoyed me on my Friday morning!

11-03-2006, 10:42 PM
Those radio hosts need to try Philly. They've got all the problems with violent crime in the commenwealth.