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11-09-2006, 06:24 AM
Brown: Porter doesn't hold anything back

By Scott Brown
Thursday, November 9, 2006

Joey Porter doesn't have a problem with Willie Parker speaking his mind.
He certainly isn't shy about saying what's on his as he showed again Wednesday.

Porter all but guaranteed a Steelers' victory over the New Orleans Saints, and that was just a warmup for the Pro Bowl linebacker.

Porter said he is a "target" when it comes to the NFL, citing a recent fine he got slapped with as well as one he said the league wanted to give him for the Atlanta game even though he didn't play in it.

He is appealing the $15,000 penalty he received for supposedly saying something to one of the officials during the Raiders game Oct. 29.

Whatever was said on the field wasn't directed at umpire Steve Wilson, Porter said, at least not by him.

"It's weak for them to try to fine somebody $15,000," Porter said. "For them to try to attempt to fine me for that, it's definitely just because of who I am. They definitely are trying to get after (No.) 55, let's get him, zero tolerance for him."

The outspoken Porter has publicly criticized officials, and by extension the NFL, in the past, most notably after the Steelers' 21-18 win over the Indianapolis Colts last January.

Porter said calls went against the Steelers and hinted the NFL preferred the Colts to win the playoff game.

Porter said the NFL wanted to fine him for the Atlanta game - he didn't play because of a bad hamstring - because the sweatpants he wore on the sideline had been cut.

Porter said he learned after the game that the league wanted to discipline him. He said the NFL couldn't do it because he hadn't broken a rule.

Nevertheless, Porter said, he was told not to wear cut sweatpants on the sideline anymore.

"There's nothing in the rule book that says you have to wear your sweatpants uncut or cut. As long as you have NFL equipment on during the game, you should be good," Porter said. "Now, (New England coach Bill) Belichick cuts his sleeves every game. What's the difference? That let's me know I'm targeted."

Porter said he is targeting a win when the Steelers host the Saints on Sunday at Heinz Field.

The Steelers have lost three games in a row and are 2-6 at the halfway point of the season.

"Me, I'm going to put some of the pressure on myself for us to go out and get this victory," Porter said. "We will come back with a victory Sunday."


11-09-2006, 06:54 AM
Is this just "Joey being Joey," and sort of fabricating the alleged possibility of incurring a fine because of his cut sweatpants? Because he's right, Belichick has been doing that for quite some time now. Seems a bit misguided to try to fine Porter for that, especially considering they can probably fine Porter for something every game.