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11-15-2006, 05:45 AM
By Mike Prisuta
Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sometime in the five plays between Troy Polamalu's collision with Reggie Bush and Drew Brees' touchdown pass to Terrance Copper, Steelers coach Bill Cowher suspected something was wrong with the All-Pro strong safety.
Cowher's fears were confirmed when Polamalu came to the sideline after the Saints' first touchdown in the first quarter Sunday afternoon. The Steelers quickly determined Polamalu had suffered a concussion.

During that five-play sequence, Polamalu executed a unique interpretation of the Steelers' scheme.

"We had called another defense," Cowher said. "We were wondering why (free safety) Ryan (Clark) was covering the receiver and Troy was covering the tight end.

"I think that was why. He just went to the tight end, and I don't think he was ready to discuss why he should have been on the slots. Ryan did a good job of kind of covering for him."

Polamalu is listed as questionable for Sunday's game at Cleveland.

Despite the concussion, the sixth Polamalu has suffered, he was where he was supposed to be most of the time before leaving the game.

"He wasn't 'out of it' out of it," Cowher said. "He was just confused on one defense.

"I looked at him in the first half. Troy could still talk to you about a lot of things. It just wasn't about football at that time. He wasn't really ready to talk about the game."

Polamalu has a history of concussions, although he hadn't suffered one prior to Sunday since the Steelers traded up to draft him 16th overall in 2003.

His first was sustained when he was a freshman in high school, and the second occurred during his junior year. At USC, Polamalu suffered concussions as a freshman, as a sophomore and in fall camp before his senior year.

"I know he hasn't really had anything since he's been here," Cowher said.

The Steelers had Polamalu undergo a neurological exam before drafting him.

Team doctors will check him out again this week before a determination can be made about his status for the Browns game.

"He'll do some testing again (today)," Cowher said. "He feels better, but, again, this will be a decision to see that he stays asymptomatic as it relates to the game Sunday."

Cornerback Deshea Townsend and safety Tyrone Carter suffered concussions against the Saints, and both have been cleared to return, Cowher said. Townsend (ankle) is questionable.

Polamalu has played in 57 consecutive games since joining the Steelers and has started 41 in succession. That streak appeared to be in jeopardy when Polamalu suffered a shoulder injury in the Steelers' season-opening win over Miami on Sept. 7. He played wearing a shoulder brace for the next three games.

steelfan 92
11-15-2006, 12:24 PM
they need to sit him down for a week, thats all we need is troys career ending early, the more concussions you get the more u are susceptible to them. don't make the same mistake that they did with ben.