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Another battle against an AFC rival on Sunday
Friday, November 24, 2006

By Teresa Varley

The Steelers will hit the road again on Sunday and for the second straight week will take on one of their AFC North rivals. This week it's the Baltimore Ravens, a team that the Steelers have had some fierce battles against.

Part of the rivalry lies in the fact that both teams have a similar look when they are out on the field. And maybe that familiarity helps to breed contempt.

"No matter how we try to dislike each other, we have a lot of similarities," said linebacker Joey Porter. "They have a good defense, we feel like we have a good defense. They like to run the ball on offense; we like to run the ball on offense. We don't really put the game too much in the quarterback's hands on both sides of the team. They are not asking Steve McNair to go up there and pass the ball 45 times. We're not asking Ben (Roethlisberger) to do that. We're asking him to manage the game, pass when needed, but we really want to run the game and win the game by running the ball and playing good defense.

"We have two similar styles. We have two similar styles like that to play aggressive football like we do. Both of us are physical teams. You're going to get some dislike because we are too much like each other. So, it just brings a natural dislike for each other."

The 8-2 Ravens have the number one ranked defense in the AFC and Porter feels good about the way the Steelers defense, ranked seventh in the AFC, matches up against them.

"We want to show that our defense is better; they obviously want to show that their defense is better," said Porter. "You've got two ****y teams out there battling. You're going to have the wars like we do because nobody is going to budge an inch. I know Ray [Lewis] has got those guys over there fired up and ready to go and I try to do the same thing over here in Pittsburgh."

Lewis has missed the Ravens last two games with a back injury and is listed as questionable for Sunday. But Porter expects him to be on the field when the two teams meet up.

"I know he had that planned, to sit out so he would be ready for this one," said Porter. "If there's one game you want to be back for, you want to be back for this rivalry game because it's always a close game and it means a lot when us two hook up."

* * *

Elias Sports made a change in the statistics from the Browns game. Travis Kirschke was credited for sacking Browns quarterback Charlie Frye and forcing a fumble, which Clark Haggans recovered. Previous the sack was credited as a team sack.
* * *

Reminder: The starting time for the Steelers-Buccaneers game on Sunday, December 3 at Heinz Field has been changed from 1 p.m. to a 4:15 p.m. kickoff. The change was made as a part of the NFL's flexible scheduling that went into effect this year.

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Do`nt understand the schedule, why we still have 4 afcn games to play, but bring them on!

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weird scheduling but it makes things alot more interesting the rest of the season doesnt it..... Go Steeeeeeeeeleeeleleeersssssssss!!:jammin: :tt02: :wave:

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Do`nt understand the schedule, why we still have 4 afcn games to play, but bring them on!

Don't ask me ASK THE NFL.