View Full Version : That Damn Horse

11-26-2006, 01:36 AM
The subject of mascots is seemingly a lightning rod for hate. Isn't college football great.

Back to football. Michigan fan is in a quandry. If they go to Glendale to play the Big 10 Championship II then just go ahead and water down that drink. Even if they win it proves what? That a rematch of the rematch is the new Buckeye mantra.

Reality check Big 10 fans. Guess what the Buckeyes have in common with Kansas State and Texas Tech? That's right. They all beat Texas. :wave: And Texas is no Ball State.

OSU wants SC. SC wants OSU. Unless Karl Dorrell can do what the "Little Tuna" couldn't (again and again) then this is the ONLY credible matchup left to decide who is number one.

The Buckeyes should be favored. Excellent team. Heisman Trophy. Great coaching. And a bad ass defense. USC has a really good team. Great coaching. And a bad ass defense. AND...they play four quarters.