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11-26-2006, 06:34 AM
Q&A with Charlie Batch

By The Tribune-Review
Sunday, November 26, 2006

Charlie Batch has passed for 436 yards in an NFL game. He has touchdown passes of 98 and 87 yards to his credit. He's thrown for nearly 2,500 yards in a season.

But it took Batch more than three seasons to start another game at quarterback after starting 46 games with the Detoit Lions from 1998-2001. Upon joining the Steelers, Batch didn't line up as a starter until the eighth game of the 2005 season against Green Bay, replacing Ben Roethlisberger, who was injured.

All told, Batch has started three games with the Steelers. He's 3-0, including a 28-17 win over Miami in the 2006 opener, a game in which he tossed three touchdown passes.

Question: What's it like being the Steelers backup quarterback?

Answer: That's the role I signed up for, so I can't be mad that I'm not starting. It was all explained at the beginning, and that's one thing I respect about the organization. They drafted Ben in the first round, and he's the starter. Something happens to Ben, they need me to come in and perform. The only way I'm going to play is if something happens to Ben.

Q: You signed on with the Steelers to be a backup despite being a starter in Detroit. As a Homestead native, how important was it for you to play for your hometown NFL team?

A: They knew I wanted to be here. I wanted to be here, but I had to prove to them that they wanted me here. To have them offer me a contract that we want you back, that's good. It's not just myself wanting to be here. They want me here.

Q: As the backup quarterback, your job is to step in and perform at a moment's notice. How important was it for you to perform well when you finally got the chance to start a few games?

A: It's hard to get on the field. Once you get that opportunity, you better prove it. Or you won't be here. It's that "What have you done lately for me'' concept. You're waiting your turn. After you get your turn, you have to perform. I was only doing that during the preseason around here, so there were probably questions about how I would peform. "We know what you did in Detroit. What are you going to do here? "It's a matter of when you win regular-season games around here, people start to respect you more.

Q: There are several Mid-American Conference quarterbacks in the NFL, including yourself and Ben Roethlisberger with the Steelers. As a nine-year veteran, do you consider yourself the dean of MAC quarterbacks?

A: I was the one that was there nine years ago. I had some success, and at that point I'd like to think people started to look at the league, say it's a competitive league and let's start looking at these (MAC) quarterbacks. You had (Chad) Pennington coming out. Then you had (Byron) Leftwich, Ben, Charlie Frye, Bruce (Gradkowski). When you sit back and look at it, I was one of the first. I think that's why we all have a bond.


tony hipchest
11-26-2006, 09:38 AM
i almost feel bad for him not getting a few more starts this season. he's been the consumate pro, and not once expressed any dissatisfaction with not playing more after bens concussion or appendix. batch better be ready to go today. the ravens would rather face batch than a mobile, strong, ben and im sure they will be doing their part to see that happens.