View Full Version : P-G Writer Wrecks At Scene Of "The Wreck"

Atlanta Dan
12-01-2006, 12:05 PM
A P-G writer's description of his recent auto accident at the same location as the motorcycle accident follows:

The Pittsburgh Left
True story: On the way to work this morning, yours truly got into a minor traffic accident at the exact intersection -- Second Avenue at the Armstrong Tunnels -- in the exact fashion -- car turning left in front of me -- that Big Ben did in the summer.

As I was moving at a healthy clip, the resultant inertia of slamming on the brakes vaulted the unsecured contents of my vehicle cabin all over the dash and seats -- looked like a tornado hit a CD store that was next to a Starbucks.

Key difference: I wasn't on a motorcycle. Therefore, no damage to me (other than a headache, though that might be from dealing with an insurance rep by phone) and minor damage to my chariot. It missed being really severe by about a second or two.

This unintended physics lesson (and the signifgance of the location) made me think about Ben's accident. And this lengthy preamble, brings me to this: the 2006 season was dead before it ever started, and it ended the day that this happened: [bold faced type emphasis in original story][photo of wreck in linked story]

This is not to heap more blame on Big Ben. Far from it. It is a testament to his abilities as an athlete and a human that a mere two months after he was nearly killed, he was playing full speed tackle football of the NFL variety, lining up against eleven highly skilled gentlemen who are well compensated to try and (figuratively) kill him.

There is a plethora of blame to go around with the 2006 Steelers, from the top on down.

For whatever reason the stars aligned last year for a Steelers postseason that was among, if not the single greatest in NFL history.

Last year, everything that could go right did. And this year, everything that could go wrong has.

The larger point is that stuff just happens sometimes.

And based on the past history of this franchise, in a few years the 2006 season will have amounted to little more than a cosmic burp in a legacy of football excellence. And the same will apply to the possible Canton enshrinees on this team, including the coach and quarterback.

So buck up fans. And on Sunday, pour an I.C. into the ground in memory of last year; crack open another and just watch and enjoy the game, win or lose. And think of how good Paul Pozluszney will look in Black & Gold.


All things considerd, it is amazing Ben's career did not end that day.