View Full Version : P-G Articles Today On TV Now Ruling The NFL

Atlanta Dan
12-03-2006, 08:58 AM
Apparently all the late kickoffs this season, combined with today's switch to a 4:15 kickoff and Browns-Steelers being played on Thursday night, has prompted the P-G to write a lengthy series of stories today on how TV now calls the shots in the NFL. No kidding P-G!

College fans have been jerked around for years by TV switching kickoff times the week before the game. With revenue growth coming through TV, the NFL now is going down the same road. Not a good thing for those who attend the games, but neither are lengthy interruptions for commercials. Simply a cost of doing business.

Imagine if the blackout of home games regardless of whether there is a sellout that was not lifted until the early 1970s was still in effect (I am old enough to remember driving to Columbus to see relatives and watch the 1972 Steelers-Dolphins AFC championship on TV since it was blacked out in Pittsburgh).