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12-13-2006, 06:04 AM
Ed Bouchette's Daily Question
Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Question: It appears the trend in the NFL is to draft tall wide receivers to have an advantage over shorter defensive backs. Bengals, Saints and Jags are a few examples. With that being said, why haven't the Steelers given Walter Young a chance. At 6'4" he is the tallest of all their receivers. Is his speed an issue? He has been on the taxi squad for several years. - John M. Kriceri, Browns Summit, N.C.

BOUCHETTE: Can you be a Steelers fan if you live in a town called Browns Summit? I don't know if it's a trend, but a good, fast, tall receiver beats a good, fast, small receiver any day -- provided all the other intangibles are equal, such as the ability to hang onto the ball once you get your hands on it. Not to be unfair to Walter Young, but merely standing 6-4 does not mean you deserve a chance over someone who is 6 feet. Bill Cowher on Monday proclaimed Carolina's Steve Smith as maybe the best receiver in the NFL. Smith stands 5-9.

12-13-2006, 07:58 AM
walter used to play with the panthers and was drafted in the late 7th round, ive been a huge fan of him since i found out he was signed to the steelers. i think he will be on the team next season.