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01-02-2007, 02:30 PM
Interesting chat with Ed Bouchette today......

Ed Bouchette Chat Transcript 01/02/07
Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Ed Bouchette: Sorry I'm late. Lots of news going on here and I'm trying to get it. Let's get going. If I'm pulled away, I hope you understand because things could be moving swiftly here. fire away ed

Eric_R.: Do you think Willie Colon's play in the last two games made Max Starks expendible?

Ed Bouchette: I don't know about expendable, but I thought he looked pretty good in the last game.

Eric_R.: Do you think that Joey Porter and or Cedric Wilson will get cut before next season for monetary reasons?

Ed Bouchette: No, I don't. The cap is increasing. Joey's not some slug and he plays at a position that has little depth. Wilson may not start but I think he can play the No. 3 or 4 role.

Tom_M: ESPN has reported that the Rooneys want an answer from Bill Cowher today, do you expect this to happen?

Ed Bouchette: I don't think that report is correct.

Frenchy_Fuqua: Is extending Troy Polamalu the Steelers top off-season priority?

Ed Bouchette: It's certainly one of them. They have a bunch of guys entering their final seasons.

PhillyMarty: Ed: Great job as usual this year. The Steelers have been somewhat guarded in who does what within the overall aspect of player procurement. What impact do you see Cowher's departure having in this area?

Ed Bouchette: Little.

one_more_win: Am I the only one disappointed with McFadden's progress? I had higher hopes for him after last year and all the plays he made then.

Ed Bouchette: He did make several big plays as a rookie. I think he had a solid year this year and I believe he will start next season.

one_more_win: Who is number one RT, Colon or Starks, going onto training camp?

Ed Bouchette: I think they will tell you that by how they approach Max as a restricted free agent and whether they gave him the top RFA tender.

tmb: Do you think Anthony Smith, with the physical presence he brings, is going to be the starting fs next year?

Ed Bouchette: I believe it will be open competition for the job, especially with a new coach.

bcuster: Do you believe that Santonio Holmes played like a first round pick this year?

Ed Bouchette: Very much so. He led all AFC rookies in catches. Remember, it's a position that normally does not get great performances from rookies.

one_more_win: Ed, will Cedric Wilson be back? I have been quite disappointed in him over his two years here, except a couple of good playoff games.

Ed Bouchette: Yes, he will be back.

sinmusic: Any announcements planned in getting the Steelers some Field Turf? Or, are the Steelers just going to resod the field again?

Ed Bouchette: That's not something I've asked lately.

warren_williams: Any chance that Cowher postpones making his decision about his future to force the Rooneys to fire him? That would make him immediately available to other teams without compensation.

Ed Bouchette: That's a good point. He could do that, tell them he wants to return to fulfill the final year of his contract but no more. It would force their hand. However, I do not think he wants to go out that way.

Ike_Taylor: What was with the refs at the end of game Sunday? I still don't understand why Farrior got called for a late hit on Palmer? That call kept their drive alive.

Ed Bouchette: It wasn't for a late hit, it was for driving the QB into the ground. The refs followed the letter of the law on it. That's how the NFL wants it called.

warren_williams: And if this is all about money as it appears to be, it looks like the Rooneys are being penny wise and pound foolish.

Ed Bouchette: That may be your opinion, but maybe they want to hire a coach who really wants o coach here all year round.

Tazmanian_Devil: There aren't many FAs this year, but there are a few players that might flirt with retirement (Hartings, Faneca), get cut (Simmons, Gardocki), or simply not get brought back due to low tenders or contracts that aren't renewed (Davenport, Starks). Any early indications or inside info on some of those guys?

Ed Bouchette: Not yet. I think jeff will retire. I don't think Gardocki will return. They will give Starks an offer as a RFA, perhaps even the high one. Faneca? He better be back. Davenport is free and they will make him an offer.

Frenchy_Fuqua: Will Cowher's ego make it especially tough for him to walk away from all the young talent the Steelers currently have?

Ed Bouchette: Apparently not.

tmb: I know it's early, but with their third-place schedule and renewed hunger, do you expect the Steelers to bounce back next season? As long as there are no motorcycle accidents and emergency appendectomies, of course.

Ed Bouchette: Look at my question of the day today. That so-called third-place schedule involves only two games and by finishing third the Steelers in those two games get Denver and Jacksonville, not exactly easy touches -- as they discovered this season. They have the talent to have a strong season in 2007.

PhillyMarty: Ed: Given the talent that Cowher had, how would you evaluate his career post-season performance?

Ed Bouchette: Poor.

sinmusic: Ed, When will our next chat session be? And, will your services and insights be free to the fans again next season?

Ed Bouchette: I'm sure we'll have some off-season chats. We'll see and post a schedule. My services are rarely free.

m: Whis or Grimm?

Ed Bouchette: Flip a coin.

Tazmanian_Devil: Troy needs a new contract, and I expect him to get it taken care of quickly after the Rod Woodson debacle of the 1990s. But will they try to take care of that before or after the draft? When those things get delayed, they get messy.

Ed Bouchette: I believe they'll start working on it in March.

Frenchy_Fuqua: Do you see OLB and OT as the Steelers most likely options with the 15th pick in the 2007 draft? Both positions seem to be deep.

Ed Bouchette: I don't think OLB is deep. I believe they need a pass rusher and they always are in the market for linemen.

one_more_win: Ed, any updates on Cowher? ESPN reported that an answer will come today.

Ed Bouchette: I would not expect an answer today.

sinmusic: Coach Cowher has said it's not about the money and that he's not burned out. Then what's the reason for retirement? Is it simply missing time with his family?

Ed Bouchette: He did not say it's not about the money.

one_more_win: Ed, do you think the Steelers will keep all the LBs if given the chance? Personally, I think Foote is good and we can upgrade at the other three spots.

Ed Bouchette: They have no plans to get rid of any linebackers.

one_more_win: Ed, if Cowher leaves, do you think the Rooneys will look specifically for a 3-4 guy or do they not mind bringing in a guy who will potentially overhaul everything?

Ed Bouchette: I think they'll look for the best head coach, then let him decide.

gatorbait: do you see willie Reid possibly taking the no.4 role from Nate Washington

Ed Bouchette: Nate is No. 3. There will be plenty of competition at wide receiver next season.

Warren_Williams: Ed, I've been wondering since the Tank Johnson bodyguard incident, is it normal for NFL players to have bodyguards these days?

Ed Bouchette: I don't know if they would call them bodyguards. Many of the big-name guys, though, always have "buddies" with them when they go out.

Choo79: I know it's early, but next year's schedule looks to be a bit easier than this past year. Do you think the strength of schedule has much impact on the standings, or is this offset by the parity in the league?

Ed Bouchette: I think schedule can have a lot to do with a team's record, but I don't believe in strength of schedule from this year determining how a team will do next year. This year's champs can be next year's bums (do I need to remind you?) and vice versa. It also depends on when you play a team. I don't know if the Steelers would have beaten KC 45-7 near the end of the season, and I don't know if they would have lost to Oakland near the end of the season.

Choo79: While I think that Dick Hoak has been a great coach, I could never understand why he didn't teach Willie Parker to switch the ball to his left hand when running to his left. As a result, he lost any leverage to cut back, was unable to use his great stiff-arm ability, and lost a number of fumbles by getting stripped of the ball.

Ed Bouchette: He lost four fumbles, the last one had nothing to do with what hand he carried it in. He scored 16 touchdowns, a Steelers record, and he gained nearly 1500 yards, third in their history. I'd say, if anything, Dick Hoak did a great job.

Ed Bouchette: Sorry, I have to go. I'm being called away. Check here for next chat. ed


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Rex Ryan will look good coaching on our sidelines next year...:helmet: :wave: