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01-07-2007, 01:23 PM
I thought I'd stepped in doggy poo
..looked at the bottom of my shoe.
The smell I realized was the same
as I'd smelled at a bengals game
Beside me stood a sweaty man
and knew he was a Bengals fan.

At work I knew something was amiss
I mean..WHO would turn in work like THIS
It made no sense...misspelled and wild
it looked like work done by a child
Onto the dispatch floor I ran
"OKAY!!..who hired a Bengal Fan???!!!

The work day done..now in my car
going home I passed a bar.
Some schmuck pulled out into my lane
I braked and screamed something profane
I pulled up to the rusty van.
Are you drunk ..or a Bengal fan?!!

I stopped by at the grocery store
for things my wife needed..(and more)
No cash..I gave my card instead..
The teller sighed..and scratched her head
"These here are hard" she said deadpan.
I rolled my eyes..."A Bengal fan?"

Why cant they all just go away
They piss me off and ruin my day
We must explain the simple things
and deal with envy for our rings
Until next year, here is my plan
I WILL ignore the Bengal Fan.

01-07-2007, 02:54 PM
Now that was brilliant LLT! LMFAO!!!! :toofunny: :toofunny:

In Cowher We Trust
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01-08-2007, 08:32 AM
Maybe we should start a..

"Have you hugged a bungles fan today" support group!

I mean they do need support..oh wait that's a shrink they need...my bad!