View Full Version : A Letter to Dungy, Peyton, and the Colts

01-13-2007, 08:00 PM
Coach Dungy, congratulations on your victory today in Baltimore. You faced a tough opponent (at least defensively) in the extended family of the Cleveland Browns. You continue to prove why the bucs were wrong in firing you after only 5 years! Maybe you should come to Pittsburgh, where you'll be loved, cherished, and encouraged more than 5 years to win a Championship!

Peyton, once you've proven that you can't handle the post-season. You looked more like your brother out there then the Peyton I know. But hey, you got the job down today and truly that's all that matters!

The rest of the Colts. Thank you for showing up today. Almost every ratbird fan in America thought they were going to be able to gather in Miami in a few weeks but they looked past the previous Baltimore team to get there. They were set to play San Diego (or New England) before the game even started. Each and every one of you did your job today and now I can sit back, smile, and listen to the ratbird fans talk about what could of been instead of what was to come!

Good luck in the rest of the playoffs - you've made the playoffs enjoyable again (at least in the AFC).


A Steelers Fan

P.s. I only hope the seahags lose tomorrow and then the playoffs will be completely enjoyable!