View Full Version : Cam Cameron To Miami?

Atlanta Dan
01-19-2007, 03:02 PM
According to this Atlanta Journal-Constitution story, Cam Cameron is getting the Dolphins job.

Georgia Tech football coach Chan Gailey is staying put.

"Coach Gailey is staying at GT. It's 100 [percent] official," a Tech assistant coach said Friday afternoon.

Gailey's two weeks of flirtation with the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers ended with the Dolphins apparently ready to choose San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron as their head coach. The Steelers announced earlier in the week that Gailey wasn't one of their three finalists.


ESPN also has Cameron getting the Dolphins job.


Miami selecting Cameron over Mora, Jr., and Gailey certainly makes sense.

Hope the Chargers like another year with lame duck Marty while Cameron is gone.

As for Gailey, he now has set himself up for every prospective recruit to ask Gailey how long he will stay at Tech and if it is such a great place why did Gailey want out. Good work Chan - I cannot believe Cowher recommended this guy as HC over Grimm/Whiz or that the Steelers wasted their time interviewing him.