View Full Version : From Gregg Easterbrook: The Law of Remaining Clock

01-23-2007, 01:25 PM
I really like this one; like so many things, it's so obvious it often gets overlooked.

The Colts' epic comeback exemplifies a point TMQ often makes about comebacks -- when you're way behind in the second half you are probably toast, but when you're way behind in the first half, you have just as much time remaining to come back as your opponent took to get ahead. Let's christen this the Law of Remaining Clock. The biggest comeback in NFL history, Buffalo back from 35-3 to beat Houston in the playoffs, began two snaps into the second half; the key point was that the Bills had just as much time to come back as the Oilers had expended getting ahead. In the second-greatest comeback, San Francisco back from 35-7 to beat New Orleans in the regular season, the comeback began on the first play of the second half; the key point was that the Niners had just as much time to come back as the Saints had expended getting ahead. My sons badly wanted Indianapolis to win, and when it was 21-3, their hearts sank. "Look at the clock, it's still the first half," I told them. Most likely Colts' coaches were rallying their players with the same words.


Livinginthe past
01-23-2007, 01:31 PM
Its a very good point.

It still takes a pretty special offense to put thos points up, though.

Alot of props should go to Colts playcalling, they mixed in the run plenty, rather than putting everything on Mannings shoulders which I think New England could have defended better.

Although I don't think it happened to the Patriots, some teams actually become very conservative with an early big lead and invite the other team back into it - prevent defense, less pass rush etc.