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Big D
01-27-2007, 11:39 AM
First the good news: I'm almost positive the Vikings can finish 6-10 again next season even without Mike Tomlin.

Now for the bad: There goes the in-house candidate to replace Brad Childress.

If the New Jersey land grabbers decide to replace Childress next season, perhaps in order to avoid a fan revolt, they'll have to go outside of the organization. There's no telling what Zygi Wilf will come up with next time. Maybe a box of rocks.

We've seen this before. Even as Dennis Green was slipping into a state of megalomania, the Vikings kept him on board while allowing coordinators Tony Dungy and Brian Billick to become head coaches elsewhere. That just shows that stupidity isn't the sole property of current ownership. Even if it sometimes seems that way.

Maybe they won't have to replace Childress. Perhaps everything will be different in '07. But I'm skeptical. The guy just never seems to learn. You can hit him in the head with a hammer three times and he'll get up and walk right back over to the hammer.

Now if trouble occurs early, the emergency parachute no longer is available. With Tomlin gone, there is absolutely no one on the current staff capable of taking over. Childress certainly won't have to look over his shoulder. With the departure of Tomlin, he has never been more secure in his job.

This has many Vikings fans on the verge of a collective seizure.

The chat rooms and message boards are filled with sentiments of doom and gloom. Apparently, no one can understand how the Vikings let Tomlin get away. Of course, the only way to keep him would have been to make him the head coach. The Internet mob seemed more than OK with that.

In all honesty, in a couple of hours on Monday I went from thinking Tomlin wasn't ready to become a head coach, to being convinced he's the right man for the Steelers job. The way he stepped into his new position, the things he said, were very convincing.

At first, I was shocked when the Steelers hired him to replace Bill Cowher. That's a veteran team one year removed from winning the Super Bowl. And Tomlin has remarkably little experience. In another year or two he projected to be a terrific head coach. But now?

It's one thing for Vikings fans to pine for him to take over. After all, the bar isn't raised very high here. It's different in Pittsburgh. All I could think of was that, during his interviews with Art Rooney II, Tomlin must have unleashed the greatest sales pitch since Brother Tim Brewster had Joel Maturi speaking in tongues.

Tomlin was introduced in Pittsburgh on Monday. Remember that he made a name for himself coaching the 4-3 defense. The Steelers have been playing a different defense, the 3-4, since 1983. Yet one of the first things Tomlin said was that he was retaining longtime defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, a popular and effective coach in Pittsburgh.

Then he announced that he would adjust his defense, whichever defense he decides to use, to fit the skills of his players. Imagine that! He won't try to jam square pegs into round holes. His quote was, "You've got to be flexible and do what your guys do well."

Ahhh, flexibility. There's a guy who can coach my team anytime. And suddenly it really does seem as if the Vikings lost a potential star.

Unlike a certain other coach entering his rookie season, Tomlin did not rush in and get rid of every assistant coach, trainer and secretary in sight. He did not make any blanket announcements about style of play. Instead, his eyes and ears are open to anything that might help him get the job done.

Tomlin will do all right in Pittsburgh. He'll make mistakes, but probably not over and over. In other words, you won't be able to hit this guy in the head with a hammer more than once before he learns to avoid the hammer.

01-27-2007, 12:18 PM
Absence makes the heart grow fonder...:yep:

Big D
01-27-2007, 12:20 PM
what I got out of this article was that they hired tomlin in as their defensive coordinator and wanted to groom him to be there head coach