View Full Version : Superbowl Side Bets

tony hipchest
02-02-2007, 05:36 PM
one of the best things about the superbowl is all the things you can bet on. and it gets rediculously fun such as betting who has more- kobe bryants points vs. d. rhodes rushing yards, or shaqs blocked shots vs. m. harrisons receptions (for example).

here are some usatodays "sherridans odds". lets see your picks.

1:10 game goes into overtime. (im taking these odds)

player to score 1st td:

m. harrison- 8:1
r. wayne, j. addai, t. jones- 9:1
d. hester- 30:1
no td scored 1000:1 (i like j. addai at 9:1. in 2000 i had brandon stokely with "the field" at 15:1) i like the longshots and "the field" in these types of wagers, for low risk high reward.


Points: 49 (most lines ive seen is 48) indy 28 and chicago 21 (tough call for individual teams but i think id take the over overall)
Field goals: 4 (last year the under was the call, but this year could be a high scoring game with lots of fg's or a low scoring game with lots of fg's. 2 great kickers. 4 sounds right. i would stay away from this one but if pressed would probably take the over.)
Touchdowns: 5- (i gotta say over on this one. wouldnt be suprised if it was 7)
Rushing yards: indy 115 and bears 121 (i like indy over and bears under)
Passing yards: p. manning 268, r. grossman 218 (another tough one i probably stay away from. im hoping both make the over but i think its one or the other. if its wet, i think rex does, if its dry i think peyton does)
TD passes: manning 2, grossman 1.5 (i dont like the manning line but it will be 2 or more. i wouldnt take it but i dont think grossman with 2 is too far fetched)