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02-06-2007, 11:04 AM
Here's how I rank the Super Bowl using three tiers. I based my groupings on how exciting the games were, not necessarily the final score - even though the final score is part of my criteria.

Low-Tier Super Bowls:

S.B. II - Green Bay over Oakland
S.B. IV - Kansas City over Minnesota
S.B. VI - Dallas over Miami
S.B. VIII - Miami over Minnesota
S.B. XI - Oakland over Miami
S.B. XV - Oakland over Philadelphia
S.B. XIX - San Fran over Miami
S.B. XXI - N.Y. Giants over Denver
S.B. XXII - Washington over Denver
S.B. XXIV - San Fran over Denver
S.B. XXVI - Washington over Buffalo
S.B. XXVII - Dallas over Buffalo
S.B. XXVIII - Dallas over Buffalo
S.B. XXIX - San Fran over San Diego
S.B. XXXIII - Denver over Atlanta
S.B. XXXV - Baltimore over N.Y. Giants
S.B. XXXVII - Tampa Bay over Oakland

Middle-Tier Super Bowls:

S.B. I - Green Bay over Kansas City
S.B. VII - Miami over Washington
S.B. IX - Pittsburgh over Minnesota
S.B. XII - Dallas over Denver
S.B. XIV - Pittsburgh over L.A. Rams
S.B. XVI - San Fran over Cincinnati
S.B. XVII - Washington over Miami
S.B. XVIII - Oakland over Washington
S.B. XX - Chicago over New England
S.B. XXX - Dallas over Pittsburgh
S.B. XXXI - Green Bay over New England
S.B. XXXVIII - New England over Carolina
S.B. XXXIX - New England over Philadelphia
S.B. XL - Pittsburgh over Seattle
S.B. XLI - Indianapolis over Chicago

Top-Tier Super Bowls:

S.B. III - N.Y. Jets over Baltimore Colts
S.B. V - Baltimore Colts over Dallas
S.B. X - Pittsburgh over Dallas
S.B. XIII - Pittsburgh over Dallas
S.B. XXIII - San Fran over Cincinnati
S.B. XXV - N.Y. Giants over Buffalo
S.B. XXXII - Denver over Green Bay
S.B. XXXIV - St. Louis Rams over Tennessee
S.B. XXXVI - New England over St. Louis Rams

02-08-2007, 08:48 AM
IMO, superbowl XVII is a top tier game. Redskins came from behind on that legendary run by the diesal. Other than that, good list.