View Full Version : Daydreaming on the drive to work..is it wrong

02-08-2007, 09:11 AM
Ok, so I'm driving to work this morning and smack dab right in front of me is a ratbirds fan. He's got the back window decal, the license plate, and another car ornament...and I start thinking that he's thinking, "Yeah Steelers fan, get behind me, right where the Steelers belong behind the Ravens!"

So then I'm thinking, as the turn light turns green...I could push him into the bushes...or better yet I could "draft" him ala Dale Earnhardt. Or maybe I could just put him into the wall at the next turn!!

Then he moves over into the left lane as the right lane was about to end. I go past him and I think, "Ah, you've realized that you belong behind the Steeler Truck! Good for you, and I didn't have to push you out of the way for you to get the hint!"