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Atlanta Dan
02-09-2007, 04:52 PM
John Clayton writes his summaries of all 32 teams prospects for 2007, with Clayton's apparent assumption being that bad teams will not be able to buy their way into contention via free agent signings no matter their available cap space.

This new world will create new strategies. Now, teams have the luxury of placing a franchise tag on their top free agents. The price of the top players to hit the market will skyrocket, making for a fast market at the start of March. It will be hard for any team to get more than two or three high-priced free agents.

With regard to the league overview, Clayton writes:

Teams on the rise are the Titans, 49ers, Cardinals and possibly the Packers. The NFC West is rapidly improving. The NFC North is the league's worst division.

This is Clayton's thmbnail take on the 2007 Steelers:

Pittsburgh Steelers
Cap room: $3.1 million
New head coach Mike Tomlin needs to maintain what Bill Cowher built for years. The job won't be all that easy. He kept Dick LeBeau around to help with the 3-4 defense, but Tomlin may try to turn the Steelers into a hybrid 3-4 and 4-3, with the 3-4 being the base. Bruce Arians takes over as offensive coordinator. He wants to spread the field with four receivers, something Ben Roethlisberger likes, although Roethlisberger first has to buy into the change from Ken Whisenhunt to Arians. He also has to adjust to Ken Anderson as the quarterbacks coach. The Steelers need to find a big back to complement Willie Parker. T.J. Duckett could be that back at the right price. The Steelers have a tough assignment in replacing center Jeff Hartings, who retired. Tomlin also has to decide whether he likes vocal Joey Porter at outside linebacker. Cowher left Tomlin a playoff-caliber team. The Steelers have nine free agents who are all backups. It's up to Tomlin to get Pittsburgh back into the playoffs.

Two observation by me: 1) beware of TJ Duckett, whom the Falcons and Redskins have given up on; and 2) not good to hear the NFC West is rising since that is the division the Steelers play next year.

Finally, ponder this nugget from Clayton:

Romeo Crennel and general manager Phil Savage will be operating with a ghost hovering over them. Bill Cowher is available. Although Cowher says he wants to sit out two seasons, he could be lured away from his new North Carolina home for the chance to get full power in Cleveland.


02-09-2007, 04:55 PM
If Cowher ever went to Cleveland, I would scream and cuss and break many of things laying around my house.

Atlanta Dan
02-09-2007, 05:15 PM
If Cowher ever went to Cleveland, I would scream and cuss and break many of things laying around my house.

But if Cowher went to Cleveland there would be no more bitter rivalry in the NFL than Browns-Steelers.

02-10-2007, 12:30 AM
cowher will never be a brown because we can always count on good ol' dan snyder.

02-10-2007, 05:10 AM
lol, sadly, that's frighteningly true, considering Dan Snyder's notorious spending ways. It's going to kill me to see Cowher pacing the sidelines of another team, but I think the most likely fit for him is somewhere like the Redskins. Snyder will cleary pay whatever it takes, which is what Cowher wants.

I'd hate to see him donning the apparell of an AFC North rival, but I have to respect his position. Even still, he's a Pittsburgh guy at heart, and nothing will ever change that. As peeved as I am about the prospect of him in anything other than Black & Gold (how could anyone not be moved by the NFL Films tape of him asking for a Terribe Towel to wave when he was on the podium after XL?!), the guy is worth his reputation. I wish all the best to him and his family, so long as it doesn't interfere with the Stillers being the first to #6 ;)

Big D
02-10-2007, 10:33 AM
If Cowher ever went to Cleveland, I would scream and cuss and break many of things laying around my house.

the sad thing is it could very well happen. Lerner was on a local t.v. news station saying he will do whatever it takes to bring the browns to the top. I think that they kept romeo this year because they needed a fill in for 07 and will bring cowher in during the 08 offseason.

02-10-2007, 05:05 PM
:tt02: :tt02: :tt02: Mike Tomlin
:party: :party: :party: Bill Cowher
This would definitely be interesting wouldnt it?
I just cant imagine Cowher being a trader like that:jawdrop: