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02-11-2007, 10:14 AM
well, this is my steelers room , i am working on it but, i have 50 signed footballs and have 2 game balls and a football helmet they sent me for christmas (richard huntley) . all kinds of stuff from my buddy louis lipps and dwayne woodruff. i just have so much stuff that i don't have much room to put it on in.( it is a little cluttered) that might be a good thing.(steeler stuff)

02-11-2007, 02:10 PM
I am very impressed. Great work!


02-11-2007, 06:20 PM
Decked out like my bedroom. Sweet! Don't have the footballs you have but other than that we have simlar rooms.

02-11-2007, 07:13 PM
Wow that is nice work

02-11-2007, 08:48 PM
well, it has taken me along time. i do alot of stuff with the steelers. one time i got 6 of them to come to my house in ky, i got the steelers to play the police in basketball and afterwards took them out steak house, bar , and back to my house . it was great. but, i done so much with them most people think i am not telling the truth. they sent me a football hemet for christmas one year., equip. manager gave me 4 hats and 4 shirts for christmas . i have 2 game balls from jeff reed and josh miller. me and louis lipps our good friends i caddy for him alot in golf tourn. and sometimes play. i go to dawson's house all the time. me and dwayne woodruff our good friends, and he got indutted in the ky hall of fame and i was his guest. sitting with his wife , daughter, son, and me and my wife at the his table, i use to party with wolford, stai,strelzwick, sweeny, after every home game on year., i have partied with the steeler's several times in pittsburgh , sometimes jeff reed takes me, and then woodruff, or lipps , gets me in . i go to fantasy football camp every year this will be my 5th year. i run the steeler 5k race every year and the finish line is in the staduim. i use to get family pass every year at training camp becasue i know jason giildon (really i know his brother but he got us passes every year) i am now on my 2 nd steelers truck. i could go on.. but, anyway yes it took me along time and alot of times i go to the game my self and alway look for people to help get around the city and take them places. show them the town and when 3 rivers was there use to get on the field anytime at night , use to get them on the field. but, after 911 it has changed , but now sometimes i can get people in the indoor field. just depends who is working. and the training field in pittsburgh. almost forgot wow lipps got me in the box seat at the cleveland and steeler game this year. man it was great. 45 yard line. ( dan reins is box use to play for bears 85 he was in the super bowl shuffle) we had chefs in our box and severing ham and turkey all beer free., and beside that woodruff gave me a ticket to the game. then, i go to the bengals game this year and the organition gave me tickets to that game.. coudln't belive it. i got so much more but, man if anybody ever go to the game and if i am there love to hook up. really if they don't know the city i like to take them on tours. i don't charge but, they have to be steeler fans. i live in ky , but i go to alot of games so i know the city pretty good. sometimes i call lipps or woodruff and they come and eat dinner with who ever i am with.. so if you ever see a steeler truck with a goal post in the back that is me... i am now working on put woodruff , lipps , dawson in my back window a see thru image, and then i am gonna start working on inside my bed of my truck i am gonna put a spray in bed liner of the football field. it is going to be great. and beside that i got permission by the steeler to use there logo. sorry i could talk about the steelers all night , wait just forgot. my knew home phone in the phone book is going to read steeler's number one. and then my phone number. not going to have my name in it.(really just didn't want to pay the 3.50 a month for unlisted) so i used that . haha that is something i couldn't believe that they would let me put that in the book. ok forgot something else. i now going to court for blowing my train horn every time the steeler's score. my neighbor is a brown's fan and hates me. she says i am bothing her. ya i might have some issue's but, long live steeler nation. ok, i am going to stop you all probalby getting tied of reading.bye shawn